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Free download Investment Account Manager Pro 3.3.4 Latest full version - Investment tracking and portfolio management software.

Free Download Investment Account Manager Pro for Windows PC. This software offers a robust suite of tools for investment tracking and portfolio management. If you're tasked with overseeing multiple portfolios, this software delivers a comprehensive range of features designed to streamline processes, prevent errors, and enhance decision-making in portfolio management.

Overview of Investment Account Manager Pro

IAM is a centralized, secure, desktop-based portfolio management solution that empowers users with detailed transaction accounting and customizable reporting capabilities. Its key features span various aspects of portfolio management, ensuring accurate tax tracking, efficient batch reporting, portfolio allocation analysis, and performance evaluation against multiple benchmarks.

Centralized, Secure, Desktop Based Portfolio Management

It centralizes portfolio management on your desktop, ensuring secure access to your investment data. Its user-friendly interface facilitates efficient oversight of multiple portfolios, allowing seamless navigation and management.

Comprehensive Transaction Accounting

The software provides comprehensive transaction accounting, enabling users to record, track, and manage investment transactions efficiently. This feature ensures accurate and detailed documentation of all portfolio financial activities.

Detailed, Informative, and Customizable Reporting

It offers customizable reporting tools that generate detailed and informative reports tailored to your requirements. Users can modify report templates to suit their preferences and obtain comprehensive portfolio insights.

Accurate Tax Tracking Tools with Security Lot Assignment

With sophisticated tax tracking tools and security lot assignment features, it assists users in accurately monitoring and managing tax-related information, providing a clear understanding of tax implications within portfolios.

Multiple Portfolio Management and Reporting / Batch Reporting

Thanks to its batch reporting functionality, users can simultaneously manage and report on multiple portfolios. This streamlines the reporting process, saving time and effort.

Portfolio Allocation and Rebalancing Analysis

The software facilitates portfolio allocation and rebalancing analysis, aiding users in optimizing portfolio performance. The software's analytical capabilities assist in making informed decisions to maintain desired portfolio allocations.

Performance Reports vs Custom / Multiple Benchmarks

The software generates performance reports against custom or multiple benchmarks, offering insights into portfolio performance on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. This comparison aids in evaluating investment strategies.

Fund Composition Analysis by Asset Type, Stock Sector, and Size

It enables users to analyze fund composition based on asset types, stock sectors, and sizes. This feature helps in understanding the distribution of investments across different categories.

Fundamental Ratio Analysis

The software conducts fundamental ratio analysis, providing users with valuable insights into their investments' financial health and performance based on fundamental metrics.

Automatic Financial Institution Downloads

It supports automatic downloads from financial institutions, simplifying updating investment-related data.

Automatic Security Price Updating and Price Alerts

Users benefit from automatic security price updates and alerts, ensuring they stay informed about market changes affecting their holdings.

Security Cross-Referencing and Import Capabilities

The tool allows for security cross-referencing and offers import capabilities from various platforms like Quicken, Captools, StockMarketEye, and Excel, ensuring seamless data transfer.

Create Historical Pricing Databases, Backup / Restore, Comprehensive Help System

The software enables the creation of historical pricing databases, provides backup and restore functionalities, and offers a comprehensive help system for users' convenience.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7
  • RAM: 2GB (4GB or more recommended)
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 500MB or more recommended


Investment Account Manager Pro stands out as a comprehensive solution for portfolio management, offering a wide array of features designed to simplify tracking, analysis, and reporting. Whether you're managing one or several portfolios, its tools provide valuable insights, save time, and contribute to making informed investment decisions. Its user-friendly interface and extensive functionalities make it a go-to choice for efficient portfolio management.

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