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Free download InchWest SmartBreak 2.5 Latest full version - Limit screen time and prevent eye strain.


Free Download InchWest SmartBreak for Windows PC. This intelligent mindfulness program is designed to prevent eye strain and mental stress by reminding and enforcing you to take regular breaks.

Overview of InchWest SmartBreak

It is not your run-of-the-mill reminder tool that nags you to take breaks at fixed intervals. It goes above and beyond, monitoring your computer usage patterns and intelligently prompting you to rest precisely when needed. This unique approach makes your breaks highly effective in combating the adverse effects of prolonged screen time.

Prevent Eye Strain and Mental Stress

It understands that your need for breaks isn't constant throughout the day. It adapts to your work patterns and prompts you to take breaks when they will be most beneficial. This tailored approach ensures you get the relief you need precisely when needed.

Enforce Breaks

Unlike other tools, it doesn't stop at reminders. It can enforce breaks, making sure you step away from your screen. This feature is especially valuable for parents, as it can be combined with the child lock option to ensure your kids take necessary breaks while using the computer.

On-Screen Stress Bar

This tool monitors your stress levels by displaying an on-screen stress bar. This visual cue is a gentle reminder to check in with yourself and take a break when needed.

Child-Lock Feature

Are you worried that your kids might ignore the reminders? Its child-lock feature ensures they can't disable the program, protecting their young eyes during computer use.

Customizable Display Options

This tool offers flexibility in managing your breaks. You can turn off the monitor or hide the broken window, making it suitable for office environments where interruptions may not be welcome.

Virtual Machine and Remote Desktop Compatibility

It works seamlessly inside a virtual machine or a remote desktop, making it a versatile solution for various computing environments.

System Requirements

  • Windows 11, 10, and 8.1


InchWest SmartBreak is not just another break reminder tool; it's a holistic solution to combat the adverse effects of prolonged computer use. With its intelligent approach to breaks, ability to enforce them, and features like the stress bar and child lock, it stands out in the market.


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