Haiwell Cloud SCADA


Free Download Haiwell Cloud SCADA for Windows PC. It is an advanced NET-Framework-based industrial automation monitoring and management platform. This powerful software offers a range of common functions and features that make it a valuable asset for industrial control and data management.

Overview of Haiwell Cloud SCADA

It is a comprehensive solution to streamline industrial automation processes and enhance efficiency. It offers a wide array of features that cater to the needs of various industries and applications.

Integrated Data-Link Tool

This tool allows users to store real-time and historical data in databases such as MySQL and SQL Server. Furthermore, it facilitates seamless data delivery and transfer, making data management a breeze.

Support for MQTT Protocol & Built-in MQTT Server

It supports the MQTT protocol, enabling easy data collection, reporting, and integration with ERP/MES systems. The built-in MQTT server enables a proxy function, simplifying MQTT networking.

Cloud Transparent Transmission Function

With the cloud transparent transmission function, users can remotely program, upload, download, upgrade firmware, and debug PLC programs. This functionality also enables real-time monitoring and diagnostics, allowing quick detection and resolution of abnormal conditions.

Remote Access Control

The software can be conveniently monitored from any networked computer through a web browser. The mobile interface is equally user-friendly, eliminating the need for repetitive configurations.

Haiwell Cloud Data Center

It eliminates the need for users to set up their MQTT server. It enables remote centralized equipment control through the Haiwell Cloud data center, streamlining operations and data management.

Programmable Command Language

Unlike traditional SCADA systems, it supports JavaScript, empowering users with more powerful and versatile configuration resources.

System Requirement

  • Operating System: Windows 7 or higher
  • Operating Platform: Net Framework 2.0/3.0/3.5.


Haiwell Cloud SCADA is an indispensable tool for monitoring and monitoring industrial automation. Its diverse features, including integrated data-link, MQTT support, cloud transparent transmission, and powerful connectivity, empower users with efficient and secure control over their industrial processes.


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