Faronics Deep Freeze

Free Download Faronics Deep Freeze Enterprise / Standard full version for Windows PC preserves your computer configuration. Any changes – either malicious or unintentional – are reversed on reboot. This is called Reboot-to-Restore, where each reboot restores the computer to its desired configuration.

Overview of Faronics Deep Freeze

Faronics Deep Freeze helps eliminate computer damage and downtime by making computer configurations indestructible. Once Deep Freeze is installed on a computer, any changes made to the computer – whether accidental or malicious – are never permanent. Deep Freeze provides immediate immunity from many problems plaguing computers today. Inevitable configuration drift, accidental system misconfiguration, malicious software activity, and incidental system degradation.

No matter what changes a user makes to a workstation. Restart to eradicate all changes and reset the computer to its original state to the last byte. Expensive computer assets are kept running at 100% capacity and technical support time is reduced or eliminated. The result is consistent, trouble-free computing on a truly protected and parallel network, completely free of harmful viruses and unwanted programs.

Features of Faronics Deep Freeze

  • Freeze your endpoints to the desired state. Restore from any unexpected changes with a simple reboot.
  • Provide users with unrestricted access and avoid restrictive computer lockdowns to maintain security.
  • Reverse configuration drifts with a simple reboot, allowing users to save their work.
  • Reverse malicious changes on reboot and protect computers from phishing.
  • Effectively reverse malicious changes to your computers, including zero-day threats.
  • Only approved software stays, removing unauthorized software and achieving license compliance.
  • Make tough books even tougher. Revert unwanted changes in the operating system and install software with a simple reboot.
  • Provide a flexible and non-restrictive lab environment where students can focus on learning while your computers stay protected.
  • Erase session data and issues caused by multiple staff accessing patient data on COWs with every reboot.
  • Augment PCI compliance, prevent configuration drift, and secure your POS computers from malware that could cause data breaches.

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • Supported OS: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
  • RAM (Memory): 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 200 MB or more

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