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Free download Eterlogic Virtual Serial Ports Emulator Latest full version - Create, test, and debug applications.


Free Download Eterlogic Virtual Serial Ports Emulator for Windows PC. This powerful tool is designed to simplify the creation, debugging, and testing of applications that rely on serial ports. It goes beyond traditional serial ports, offering a range of special capabilities that can significantly enhance your development process.

Overview of Eterlogic Virtual Serial Ports Emulator

The tool, often referred to as VSPE, is a versatile software solution tailored to the needs of developers and engineers. It excels in creating virtual devices for transmitting and receiving data, offering unique features that set it apart from standard serial ports.

Key Features of VSPE

  • Virtual Device: Connector: It allows you to create virtual connector devices, enabling multiple applications to open the same device concurrently. This feature proves invaluable when you need different applications to communicate through a single virtual serial port.
  • Virtual Device: Data Splitter: With the data splitter functionality, you can efficiently manage and route data streams to various destinations. This capability is a game-changer for applications requiring data segmentation and distribution.
  • Virtual Device: Pair: It enables the creation of virtual serial port device pairs, facilitating communication between two applications as if they were connected via physical serial ports. This eliminates the need for physical hardware connections.
  • Mapper Device: The mapper device feature allows you to map physical serial ports to virtual ports seamlessly. This simplifies the process of sharing physical serial port data among multiple applications.
  • User Mode Devices: It includes a range of user mode devices such as TcpServer, TcpClient, Serial Redirector, and UDP Manager. These devices enhance your application's versatility by enabling communication over TCP and UDP protocols.
  • Bridge: The bridge feature in the tool provides a way to connect multiple serial ports, allowing data to flow seamlessly between them. This is especially useful for scenarios where data must be relayed between devices.

What's New in VSPE

The latest version of the tool comes with several enhancements, including:

  • Improved Connector/Pair kernel driver performance, ensuring smoother operations.
  • A new startup properties tab in Preferences for customized configurations.
  • A bug fix related to "Stop bits" in serial port settings.
  • Enhanced logging capabilities for better monitoring.
  • Improved control data port for TcpClient/TcpServer devices to propagate modem registers.
  • A UI fix is addressing inconsistencies in the serial port selector.
  • A fix for modem redirection logic in the Serial Redirector.
  • Resolution of kernel driver race condition issues for Connector/Pair devices.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7 or later


Eterlogic Virtual Serial Ports Emulator (VSPE) is a valuable tool for software engineers and developers working with serial ports. Its rich features, including virtual devices, data management, and user mode devices, streamline the development, debugging, and testing processes. With this tool, you can harness the power of virtual serial ports to enhance your application development, making it an indispensable addition to your toolkit.

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