ETA Dynaform 7.1.0 Build 2024.01.12

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Free download ETA Dynaform 7.1.0 Build 2024.01.12 Latest full version - Tool and Die Simulation Software.

Free Download ETA Dynaform for Windows PC. It is a simulation software solution that revolutionizes die system design and stamping processes.

Overview of ETA Dynaform

This software provides a platform to bypass soft tooling, significantly reducing tryout time, cutting costs, boosting productivity, and instilling complete confidence in die system designs. Moreover, it empowers users to evaluate alternative and unconventional designs and materials, paving the way for innovation in the field.

Blank Size Engineering (BSE)

Blank Size Engineering, or BSE, is crucial in estimating the required blank size for manufacturing processes. It goes beyond estimation, helping you with blank nesting to maximize material usage, reduce scrap, and optimize piece pricing. This powerful plug-in doesn't stop there; it also predicts thinning and thickening while generating a forming limit diagram (FLD). With BSE, you'll comprehensively understand your material utilization and forming limits.

Formability Simulation (FS)

The Formability Simulation module (FS) is your ticket to rapidly developing and validating single-station and progressive die designs. Using FS, you can uncover hidden problem areas in your designs and make data-driven decisions to optimize them. This results in accurate forming results and a more efficient design process. FS is your partner in achieving excellence in die design.

Die Evaluation (D-Eval)

Most tooling designs are created in a CAD environment, so the D-Eval module is tailor-made to support and analyze CAD-based tooling and engineering designs. This specialized module ensures that your tooling designs align seamlessly with the realities of manufacturing, reducing errors and inefficiencies in the process.

Die System Analysis (DSA)

DSA efficiently predicts a myriad of stamping-related concerns within the die production line. It aids in analyzing scrap shedding/removal, dies structural integrity, and sheet metal transferring/handling. Identifying potential issues early in the process, DSA helps prevent costly setbacks, ensuring smoother production.

Optimization Platform

The Optimization Platform module takes your design process to the next level. It doesn't just identify problem areas; it also incorporates design optimization to enhance performance and quality. This includes reducing issues like wrinkling, thinning, and tearing, improving final products, and reducing waste.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11
  • Memory (RAM): 4 GB of RAM is required
  • Hard Disk Space: Ensure you have 5GB of free space available
  • Processor: Intel Dual-Core processor or later is necessary for optimal performance


ETA Dynaform is a groundbreaking simulation software solution that empowers organizations to revolutionize their die system designs and stamping processes. Its modules, such as Blank Size Engineering, Formability Simulation, Die Evaluation, Die System Analysis, and the Optimization Platform, provide comprehensive tools to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve product quality.

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