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Free Download eLanguage Learn to Speak French Deluxe for Windows PC. It is an exceptional language software designed to fast-track your French language skills. Unlike conventional language programs, it's tailored to empower you to converse fluently in French swiftly and affordably. This comprehensive program encompasses beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons, interactive real-world scenarios with native speakers, vocabulary exercises, speech recognition, and engaging games - making French learning accessible even on the go.

Overview of Learn to Speak French Deluxe

This language-learning software is designed by experts who have combined language-learning theories with proven classroom practices. It creates an ideal learning environment for people with different learning styles. The software employs the Flexible Immersion System, a unique technique eLanguage developed. This system offers a personalized learning path that focuses on individual learning styles, emphasizes word memorization, and teaches grammar and vocabulary skills essential for fluent French conversation.

Proven Techniques to Learn French

The software's core is the Flexible Immersion System, which has been widely adopted by millions of people worldwide due to its effectiveness. This approach combines proven classroom techniques and language-learning theories, ensuring a quick and efficient learning experience in French. Instead of memorizing, the program teaches comprehensive grammar and vocabulary skills, which helps develop conversational proficiency quickly.

Real-World Context for Quick Learning

It is an excellent language learning program that offers a unique approach to mastering French language skills. It replicates real-life scenarios that one might encounter while visiting a French-speaking country. The program includes over 40 interactive scenarios, covering a range of everyday situations such as taking a taxi, checking into a hotel, asking for directions, speaking with a doctor, ordering meals, and participating in social events.

The program uses interactive videos and speech recognition tools to engage users with native French speakers, creating an immersive learning experience that contextualizes learning within practical settings. This hands-on approach accelerates language acquisition, making learning and applying French language skills easier.

Easy-to-Use Interface

The software has been designed to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted learning experience by simplifying the navigation process. Whether users prefer a guided lesson path or wish to explore specific topics independently, the interface offers user-friendly controls that are easy to use. Its intuitive design lets learners dive straight into the lessons without grappling with complex software navigation.

System Requirements

  • Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, Windows XP (.NET 3.5 is required)
  • 128MB of available RAM
  • 800MB of open hard disk space
  • Speakers and microphone for speech recognition.


Learn to Speak French Deluxe goes beyond traditional language software by teaching vocabulary and developing comprehensive language skills for fluent French conversation. A user-friendly interface, immersive real-world scenarios, and a personalized learning path that caters to varied learning styles guarantee an efficient and engaging learning experience for those who aspire to speak French. Whether you are a beginner or aiming for advanced fluency, this software is a valuable tool for mastering the French language.

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