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Free download Dlubal Rwind Latest full version - Program for wind simulation and wind load generation.

Free Download Dlubal RWIND for Windows PC. This powerful software is designed for the numerical simulation of wind flows around any building geometry.

Overview of Dlubal RWIND

It is a state-of-the-art wind simulation software developed with PC-Progress and CFD Support. It is a stand-alone application and an add-on for RFEM and RSTAB, providing a complete structural analysis and design solution. A digital wind tunnel approach allows engineers to simulate wind flows around various structures, accurately determining wind loads on surfaces.

Calculation of Wind Flow

  • Uses the SimpleFOAM solver from the OpenFOAM software package.
  • Implements first and second-order numerical schemes.
  • Supports turbulence models RAS k-ω and RAS k-ε.
  • Considers surface roughness based on model zones.
  • Model design via VTP, STL, OBJ, and IFC files.

Intuitive Operation

  • Bidirectional interface with RFEM or RSTAB for importing/exporting model geometries and wind load cases.
  • User-friendly with drag & drop and graphical adjustment assistance.
  • Automatic meshing with optimal utilization of processor cores.
  • Environmental object consideration (buildings, terrain, etc.).

Visual Output

  • Graphical representation of surface results and flow fields.
  • 3D wind flow visualization via animated streamlined graphics.
  • Definition of point and line probes for detailed analysis.
  • Multilingual user interface for global accessibility.

Transient Wind Flow Calculation

  • Uses the BlueDyMSolver solver for incompressible turbulent flows.
  • LES SpalartAllmarasDDES turbulence model.
  • Automatic determination of analysis period and time steps.

Advanced Wind Permeability

  • Freely adjustable wind permeability for surfaces.
  • Load Wizard for Wind Simulation in RFEM
  • To model structures in Basic, a particular application in RFEM and RSTAB allows you to define wind directions and elevation-dependent wind
  • profiles. Alternatively, Basic can be used manually, directly modeling structures and terrain from imported files. The wind load and other fluid-
  • mechanical data can be defined within Basic.

Velocity Vectors and Transient Flow in this software

Basic employs a numerical CFD model to simulate wind flows around objects using a digital wind tunnel. The simulation process determines specific wind loads on model surfaces, providing accurate results for structural analysis. It extends this capability by offering a transient solver for incompressible turbulent flows.

Output and Transfer of Wind Loads

Solving the numerical flow problem provides various results, including pressure on structure surfaces, coefficient Cp distribution, velocity field, turbulence fields, and more. These results can be exported as images or videos for further analysis or presentations.

The transfer of wind loads to RFEM or RSTAB is seamless. The analysis triggers a batch process, placing all definitions in the numerical wind tunnel of Basic and starting the CFD analysis. The resulting surface pressures are transferred into the respective RFEM or RSTAB load cases.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7
  • Processor: Minimum 1 GHz Processor (2.4 GHz recommended)
  • RAM: 4GB (8GB or more recommended)
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 10GB or more is recommended


Dlubal RWIND is a cutting-edge wind simulation tool for structural analysis and design. Its powerful features, intuitive operation, and seamless integration with RFEM and RSTAB make it a preferred choice for engineers and architects worldwide. Whether you're analyzing wind forces on a unique structure or optimizing for environmental conditions, it has you covered.


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