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Free download DISM Tool Latest version - A powerful image servicing and managing tool.


Free Download DISM Tool for Windows PC. It is an indispensable utility assisting you in various system management tasks.

Overview of DISM Tool

The Deployment Image Service and Management Tool, commonly known as DISM, is a command-line utility available in Windows operating systems. It was introduced to streamline the deployment and management of Windows operating system images. Over time, its capabilities have expanded to cover many system management tasks.

Features include;

Image Capture

It allows you to capture system images. This feature is particularly useful when creating customized Windows images for deployment across multiple systems. Capturing an image creates a snapshot of your system's current state, including installed software and settings.

Apply Images

With this tool, you can apply previously captured images to your system. This is beneficial for system restoration, migration, or deployment purposes. Applying an image lets you quickly restore your system to a known state.

Export Images

It permits you to export images to different file formats, making sharing or archiving system images convenient. This feature is valuable when collaborating with other administrators or creating backups of important system configurations.

List Packages, Drivers, Features, and Capabilities

It provides the capability to list installed packages, drivers, features, and system capabilities. This information is essential for auditing and troubleshooting, helping you gain insights into your system's components and configuration.

Add/Remove Drivers

Administrators can use it to add or remove drivers from a Windows installation. This is especially useful when dealing with hardware compatibility issues or updating device drivers.

Mount/Unmount Images

You can mount and unmount Windows image files (WIM). Mounting an image allows you to change its contents without fully applying it to your system. This feature is handy for modifying system files or retrieving data from an image.

Check and Repair Images

It includes tools for checking and repairing Windows images. This is crucial for maintaining the integrity of system files and ensuring that your operating system remains stable.

Get Information About Your System

It can provide detailed information about your system, including hardware specifications, installed updates, etc. This data is helpful for system analysis and troubleshooting.

Diskpart Integration

It seamlessly integrates with the Diskpart utility, allowing you to perform disk partitioning and management tasks within the same command-line interface.

Mount Registry and More

It also offers numerous other functionalities, including the ability to mount and manipulate the Windows Registry, configure Windows features, and manage system updates.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11
  • Processor: 2.5 GHz or higher
  • RAM: 4GB 
  • Free Disk Space: 200 MB of free disk space


The Deployment Image Service and Management Tool (DISM) is a powerful and versatile utility for system administrators and power users. Its extensive features allow you to perform various system management tasks, from capturing and applying images to checking and repairing system files. Understanding how to use it effectively can greatly enhance your ability to manage and maintain operating systems.


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