Craft Director Studio 23.1.1 for 3ds Max & Maya


Free Download Craft Director Studio full version standalone offline installer for Windows; it is used to create better, more realistic animations in a fraction of the time.

Overview of Craft Director Studio

This program extends creative possibilities by eliminating the time-consuming tasks of keyframing, scripting, and rigging. Users gain the experience of a new era of animation with an opportunity to create natural motion paths on-the-fly, optionally with an input device, gaining instant gratification through highly realistic interactive real-time animation.

Craft Director Studio was built to solve an old animation problem: hours and hours needed to be spent to make a vehicle roll forward and turn. Never mind animating all the subtle impacts of real-life driving, like a slight body shake over a bump. Instead of endlessly keyframing and scripting, animation teams and professionals can spend that time fine-tuning the realism of their scenes.

Give your scenes extraordinary impact with various camera effects to choose from and combine. “Humanize” cameras with subtle shakes, use SphereCam to simulate epic camera angles, get precise using Spline Speed Controller, and so on! It was built to solve an old problem in animation: hours and hours needed to be spent simply to make a vehicle roll forward and turn.

Features of Craft Director Studio

  • Amazing animations
  • Real-time feedback
  • Quick productions
  • Endless possibilities
  • Striking camera effects
  • Natural animations automatically

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • Windows 64-bit
  • Autodesk® 3ds Max® 2018 to 2023
  • Autodesk® Maya® 2018 to 2023
  • Microsoft Windows 7 (SP1) or higher operating system
  • 64-bit system with 8Gb of RAM or better

Previous version

Additional info
File Name:Craft Director Studio 22.1.1 for 3ds Max & Maya
File Name:Craft Director Studio v21.1.2 for 3ds Max & Maya
File Name:Craft Director Studio 20.1.4 for 3ds Max & Maya


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