CEIWEI SerialPortMonitor 12.7

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Free download CEIWEI SerialPortMonitor 12.7 Latest full version - Efficient Serial Port Monitoring and Analysis Tool.


Free Download CEIWEI SerialPortMonitor for Windows PC. It is a powerful and professional tool designed to make serial port monitoring a breeze. Whether you're a software programmer, tester, quality control engineer, or involved in industrial control and SCADA design, this CommMonitor serial port monitoring wizard has got you covered.

Overview of CEIWEI SerialPortMonitor

It is a comprehensive software program that monitors, records, analyzes, and filters serial port activities. Unlike some tools, it doesn't occupy the serial port itself, making it an ideal choice for various purposes such as application or driver development, serial device testing, and optimization. It provides a range of features, including filtering, search functionality, data export, and powerful data interception capabilities.

Real-time Monitoring

This tool allows you to monitor and collect serial port data in real-time, even across multiple serial ports simultaneously.

Port Compatibility

It supports various COM port types, including standard computer ports, kernel virtual COM ports, Bluetooth serial ports, and USB-to-serial ports.

Flexible Viewing Options

It offers multiple monitoring views such as List, Line, Dump, terminal, and Modbus, catering to user preferences.

Data Interception

This tool captures upstream and downstream data with high interception efficiency, offering a clear insight into serial port communication.

Protocol Analysis

The software supports monitoring and analyzing the Modbus RTU/ASCII protocol, making it a valuable asset for communication control process debugging.

Data Export

You can export monitoring log data in various formats, including HTML, CSV, and ANSI/Unicode text documents. It also supports automatic redirection to files for easy analysis.


It allows customization of various aspects like data record color, time format, byte wrap length, and display output in different number systems.

Network Compatibility

Network version users can easily log in using the WeChat mini program by scanning the provided QR code.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP or later


CEIWEI SerialPortMonitor is a reliable and feature-rich tool. Its diverse monitoring views, data interception capabilities, and protocol analysis make it invaluable for various professionals, from software programmers to industrial control engineers. It's user-friendly interface and powerful functionalities make it a must-have tool for anyone seeking to enhance their serial port monitoring and analysis processes.


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