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Free download Bytefusion PresenTense Time Client Latest full version - Maintain and Monitor Time on Your Network.


Free Download PresenTense Time Client for Windows PC. It is a powerful network time client designed for all versions of Windows after NT. Its primary function is to synchronize your PC system clock to a network time server, ensuring you always have the correct time at your fingertips. 

Overview of PresenTense Time Client

If you're a meticulous planner or want to stay punctual, this network-time client is your ultimate solution. With many advanced features, this time client offers a seamless and accurate timekeeping experience.

Multi-Protocol Support

One of the standout features of this tool is its comprehensive support for multiple time protocols. It embraces various time sources, including:

Free Plug-In (NTP 3 & 4) (RFC 1305)
Network Time UDP (RFC 868)
Network Time TCP (RFC 868)
By accommodating these major protocol families, the time client ensures that you have access to a wide range of time servers, enhancing the accuracy of your time synchronization.

Free Run Support

It goes beyond regular time synchronization. The client automatically compensates for local system clock drift in NTP or SNTP mode. This exceptional feature ensures maximum clock accuracy even when connectivity to the reference time source is lost. The National Emergency Number Association (NENA) has recognized its ability to meet timekeeping requirements for critical applications, such as 911 call centers, guaranteeing continuous accuracy.

Seamless Fail-Over Mechanism

Unforeseen events such as primary time server unavailability are no match. Its automatic fail-over mechanism seamlessly switches to a redundant time server, ensuring uninterrupted time synchronization. This redundancy feature contributes to the overall reliability of the time client.

Email and SysLog Alarm Action

It informs you about your time synchronization status through email and SysLog reporting. Whether you prefer local file storage or network-based server reporting, the client supports both options, keeping you updated on your time synchronization performance.

Lightweight Design

It boasts a lightweight design that minimizes its RAM footprint. Its efficient operation ensures that it has a minimal impact on other applications, allowing your system to run smoothly.

True System Service

It operates as a true system service, running discreetly in the background. It remains active regardless of who is logged into the computer, ensuring uninterrupted time synchronization. The user-friendly graphical interface facilitates easy configuration changes, providing a hassle-free experience.

Highly Customizable

Experience unparalleled control with its advanced configuration options. Evaluate server time stamp accuracy down to microseconds, empowering you to fine-tune your time synchronization according to your specific needs.

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows NT and later
RAM: Minimal footprint for efficient performance
Administration: Administrator privileges for initial setup and configuration


PresenTense Time Client emerges as a reliable, efficient, customizable network time client for PC users. Its multi-protocol support, free run capabilities, redundancy features, and lightweight design make it a standout choice for accurate time synchronization. Whether you're an individual user or an organization, it ensures that your time is always on point, contributing to seamless operations and optimal productivity.


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