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Free download AutoForm Plus R11 v11.0.0.6 Latest full version - A streamlined digital process chain.


Free Download AutoForm Plus for Windows PC. This software brings many tangible advantages, propelling users to achieve an elevated level of process simulation proficiency.

Overview of AutoForm Plus

It signifies a significant leap in the domain of process simulation. This release offers users heightened flexibility and efficiency in process setup and final validation by incorporating a fresh array of potent enhancements and functionalities. These enhancements are invaluable across various forming processes, with particular emphasis on progressive dies and hot forming techniques.

Cooling Channels and Temperature Control

A paramount facet of its innovation is its comprehensive consideration of cooling channels. Tool design, tool temperature, and sheet temperature are all skillfully managed within this software version. The integration of 3D curves allows for accurate modeling of cooling channels, complete with their diameters. Different channel layouts lead to distinct temperature distributions on tool surfaces, effectively identifying and controlling hot spots based on layout preferences.

Progressive Die Planning and Simulation

A standout feature of the software is its enhanced planning and simulation capabilities for progressive dies. This software rendition greatly supports several use cases, including importing CAD-designed tool geometry for final process validation, part import for planning stages, and comprehensive process engineering encompassing die face generation and simulation. These functions are seamlessly supported by novel functionalities, streamlining the planning and simulation of progressive dies.

Furthermore, it brings forth the integration of AutoForm-Sigmaplus capabilities. Including all Sigma pre and post-processing functionalities within AutoForm-ProcessExplorerplus expands the software's utility. This incorporation empowers users to access Sigma applications, namely Systematic Process Improvement and Process Robustness. The result is an engineering process that achieves remarkable efficiency while ensuring robust part production, harmonizing engineering prowess, and production excellence.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 10 or 11 (Pro, Enterprise) / Windows Server 2016
  • CPU: Supported on x86-64 microprocessor architecture only
  • CATIA Support: Compatible with CATIA versions from V5-6R2012 to V5-6R2022


AutoForm Plus marks a pivotal juncture in process simulation. Replete with potent enhancements and integrated functionalities, these software iterations elevate users to unparalleled flexibility, efficiency, and precision. It has delivered the next level of process simulation by adeptly addressing cooling channels, progressive die planning, and seamless integration with Sigma applications.

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