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Free download Auto File DRM Encryption Tool Latest full version - Encrypt the file transparently at the file system level.


Free Download Auto File DRM Encryption Tool for Windows PC. It was developed with the EaseFilter Encryption Filter Driver(EEFD) SDK. The tool can encrypt the file transparently at the file system level, allowing you to embed the digital rights management( DRM) data into the encrypted files. 

Overview of Auto File DRM Encryption Tool

It allows you to protect sensitive files from end to end, ensuring they stay encrypted on the disk. Only authorized processes or users can read the encrypted file, while unauthorized processes or users can only access the raw cipher text of the encrypted file. The tool empowers you to securely share files, manage custom DRM data on your central server, and grant or revoke file access anytime, anywhere, all while keeping track of who accessed the encrypted files and when.

It leverages the power of EaseFilter Encryption Filter Driver(EEFD) SDK to provide a seamless and robust solution for file encryption and digital rights management. Unlike many encryption tools on the market, this tool operates at the file system level, ensuring your files remain encrypted and secure throughout their lifecycle.

Test Transparent File Encryption in Local

Setting up an auto-encryption folder is the first step. All newly created files in this folder will be automatically encrypted, and any modifications to the encrypted files will also be encrypted. You can even specify a file filter mask to encrypt only specific file types. However, renaming files to the encryption folder won't trigger automatic encryption.

To decrypt a file, you need authorization. This tool lets you define which processes or users can access encrypted files. Unauthorized users or processes will only see the raw cipher text of the encrypted files. You can also set up unauthorized processes to ensure that even when you copy or transfer the encrypted files out of your computer, they remain encrypted, providing an additional layer of security.

Test DRM File Encryption

Enabling DRM involves attaching tag data to the encrypted file. EEFD includes built-in DRM support with access policies such as file expiration dates, authorized processes, users, or computers. You can also add custom tag data to the encrypted file and associate it with your DRM data on the server. When someone tries to open the encrypted file, it will seek authorization from your server using the tag data.

Test Encrypted File Secure Sharing

For secure file sharing, set up a decryption folder on another computer, then copy the encrypted file to this folder. Here, you can define which processes or users are authorized to read the encrypted file.

EaseFilter Encryption Filter Driver (EEFD)

EEFD is a file system file-level encryption filter driver. It intercepts I/O requests directed at a file system. By intercepting requests before they reach the intended target file system, the filter driver can encrypt or decrypt the data buffer provided by the original target. Despite the abundance of encryption libraries, developing a reliable, transparent, on-access file encryption product remains complex. EEFD is a mature commercial product offering a modular framework, enabling developers without driver development experience to quickly create on-access file encryption software.

How to Develop the Tool

Developing the tool is straightforward with the EEFD SDK. It provides a comprehensive security solution for developing transparent on-access file-level encryption products, allowing encryption of newly created files transparently and the authorization or blocking of on-access encryption/decryption as per client-defined policies.

EEFD SDK offers APIs for various programming languages to develop Windows encryption applications. It also provides C++/C# demo source code to illustrate using the EEFD APIs. In addition to C++ and C#, any language capable of invoking Win32 native APIs can use EEFD APIs for security application development.

Setup the Auto File Encryption Filter Rule

To integrate EEFD into your application, you must configure one or more filter rules as file control policies for the filter driver. An auto file encryption filter rule includes a file filter mask, which defines the files you want to encrypt. By default, the file filter mask represents a folder, encrypting all files. Adjust the file filter mask if you only want to encrypt specific file types. However, be aware that if your filter mask is too specific, your application won't generate files excluded from it and won't encrypt them. For example, Microsoft Office often generates temporary files without file extensions, which would not be encrypted if not covered by your filter mask.

System Requirements

  • Windows 7/8/10/11


Auto File DRM Encryption Tool offers a robust, user-friendly file encryption and digital rights management solution. Whether you must protect sensitive files, securely share documents, or manage custom DRM data, this tool provides the necessary features and flexibility. With its transparent file encryption capabilities and support for custom filter rules, developing a secure file encryption solution has never been easier.


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