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Free download Aurally Sound Song Master PRO 2.0.0 Latest full version - The musician's learning assistant.

Free Download Aurally Sound Song Master PRO for Windows PC. This innovative software provides powerful tools to learn and practice your favorite songs directly from their original recordings. It utilizes advanced machine learning and deep learning algorithms to give you an in-depth understanding of the music you love.

Overview of Audibly Sound Song Master PRO

Its cutting-edge technology allows you to explore songs on a whole new level. Here's what sets Song Master PRO apart:

Pitch Detection - Pro

Advanced AI algorithms convert audio into pitch and MIDI notes, providing a comprehensive view of the song's musical elements. The Pitches Viewer tool lets you selectively examine spectrograms and notes across all tracks, making transcription and music analysis a breeze. Whether you're a guitarist deciphering a complex riff or a pianist uncovering intricate melodies, the Pitch Detection feature is your musical sidekick.

Spectrogram View

It offers a unique perspective on song elements. It visually represents frequency content within tracks, showing how notes are distributed along the harmonic series. This is especially useful for melodic instruments, while percussive instruments manifest as intriguing vertical "smears."


It takes spectrogram analysis further by converting it into Pitch and MIDI layers. These layers can be viewed independently or together, providing insights into how the music was played. This feature is invaluable for musicians seeking to replicate a song's nuances or create their interpretations.

Export MIDI

Save the MIDI data to an external file or seamlessly drag and drop it into a digital audio workstation (DAW) or MIDI editor. This empowers you to manipulate and arrange the music as you see fit, opening up endless creative possibilities.

Controller Track (Pro)

It goes beyond traditional music analysis. The Controller Track lets you send MIDI and OSC messages to external devices and applications. Imagine sending "patch" change messages to your guitar processor at specific song points or using external pedals for hands-free operation. Take charge of your musical journey with this dynamic feature.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: 11, 10, 8.1
  • CPU minimum: Intel Core i5
  • RAM minimum: 8 GB


Audibly Sound Song Master PRO equips you with the tools to dive deep into your favorite songs, unraveling their mysteries and enhancing your musical prowess. Whether you're a student, a performer, or a music enthusiast, it is your gateway to a richer, more profound musical experience.

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