Antidote 11 v3

Free Download Antidote 11 for Windows, In a single operation, Antidote’s corrector flags a wide variety of errors: from capitalization and verb agreement to unwelcome commas and redundancies.

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Overview of Antidote 11 Benefits

Antidote 11 - New edition. Powerful Tools. Simple to Use. All the tools you need to improve your writing. Antidote is a one-stop, multi-resource platform sure to be useful to anyone writing in English. Antidote’s corrector flags a wide variety of errors in a single operation: from capitalization and verb agreement to unwelcome commas and redundancies. After spelling and grammar, correct typography and style, including repetitions and dull verbs. Never has a piece of software offered you such power to perfect your writing.

Say goodbye to typos and missing attachments. Anti⁠-⁠Oops! Works with all major email applications on Windows and Mac. Acting as a safety net, it analyzes each message before sending it, allowing you to fix any oversights before it’s too late.

The new edition of the complete writing assistance software comes with an impressive number of improvements that make it even easier to keep your writing healthy. Here are the main new features, followed by a detailed list.

Overview of Antidote 11 Features

  • Bold and italic type displayed in corrector’s text window
  • Correction commands available directly from tooltips
  • New Replace command (with a suggestion)
  • More precise analysis
  • Bold and italic type factored into analysis
  • Emoticons (including Unicode) factored into analysis
  • New Gender Neutrality filter
  • New Readability filter
  • Five readability indexes, including the new Antidote index
  • 117,000 new synonyms (French: 10,000 new synonyms)
  • Sort by relevance, frequency or length
  • 26,000 new combinations (French: 28,000 new combinations)
  • 8,000 new words and expressions (French: 1,000 words and expressions)
  • Notes on 5,000 new difficulties (French: 800 new difficulties)
  • Spacing settings for surnames with particles
  • Spacing settings for names with initials

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • Operation System: Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 11 (64-bit)
  • RAM : 4 GB Memory
  • Processor : x86–64/AMD64, 1 GHz
  • Disk space : 6 GB (1 language); 7.5 GB (2 languages); SSD Drive

previous version

Additional info
Sep 19th 2022
File Name: Antidote 11 v2.1.2
Version: 11 v2.1.2
License: Full_version
Jul 20th 2022
File Name: Antidote 11 v2.1.1
Version: 11 v2.1.1
License: Full_version
Jun 15th 2022
File Name: Antidote 11 v2.1
Version: 11 v2.1
License: Full_version
Apr 18th 2022
File Name: Antidote 11 v2.0.2 Multilingual
Version: 11 v2.0.2
License: Full_version
Apr 11th 2022
File Name: Antidote 11 v2.0.1 Multilingual
Version: 11 v2.0.1
License: Full_version
Oct 7th 2021
File Name: Antidote 10 v6.3 Multilingual
Version: 10 v6.3
License: Full_version
Apr 4th 2021
File Name: Antidote 10 v6.1 Multilingual
Version: 10 v6.1
License: Full_version


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November 30, 2022

Version : 11 v3.0

Thank you! Is it also possible to generate a torrent/magnet link to download this file?😊

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Fernando Martins

November 23, 2022

Version : 11 v3.0


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April 18, 2022

Version : 11 v2.0.2

Thank you, all admins. It works and helps me study English.
I also expect to upload the Collins Dictionary which explains more convenient way the definitions of vocabs, well then it is easy for the learners to understand the meaning of them.

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December 14, 2021

Version : 11 v1.1


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