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Free Download ANSYS optiSLang Full Version for Windows / Linux - CAE-based design optimization + parametric modeling.


Free Download ANSYS optiSLang 8 for Windows PC it optimizes your product designs by combining the powerful parametric modeling capabilities of ANSYS Workbench with the robust design optimization (RDO) methods of optiSLang.

Overview of ANSYS optiSLang 8 Benefits

The optiSLang toolbox includes modules for sensitivity analysis, optimization and robustness evaluation that you can easily drag and drop into a Workbench project to form an interactive process chain. This process workflow enables your engineering teams to improve product performance, identify optimization potential, quantify risks and secure resource efficiency. ANSYS optiSLang is also available outside of Workbench with its own powerful process integration framework.

A predictable prognosis quality is the key to an efficient optimization. Thus, a "no run too much" philosophy can be implemented to minimize solver calls. As a consequence, even optimization tasks involving a large number of variables, scattering parameter as well as non-linear system behavior can be solved.

optiSLang’s Best-Practice-Management automatically selects the appropriate algorithms, such as gradient methods, genetic algorithms, evolutionary strategies or Adaptive Response Surface Methods. Furthermore, all methods of optimization and stochastic analysis can be combined in regard to the particular task. optiSLang makes you ready to meet the full range of parametric studies to innovate and accelerate your virtual product development.

optiSLang offers efficient methods of Robust Design optimization for solving your tasks in the CAE-field.

  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Multidisciplinary optimization
  • Parameter identification
  • Robustness evaluation
  • Reliability analysis
  • Robust Design Optimization
  • Random fields

Overview of ANSYS optiSLang 8 Features

  • Compact overview sensitivity analysis
  • Comprehensive systems
  • Minimal effort for set up
  • Easy process integration
  • State-of-the-art algorithms
  • Targeted, individual definitions of performance limits
  • Fast parameterization
  • Easy definition of constraints and objectives

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • 1-2 CPUs, 4-12 physical cores each
  • 16GB RAM (minimum), 64GB+ recommended
  • 2TB+ hard drive space
  • Workstation graphics card
  • OS: Windows 7/10

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