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Free download Alive Organizer Latest full version - Manage your personal information & schedule tasks.


Free Download Alive Organizer for Windows PC. It is a multifaceted software that goes beyond traditional organizers. It's your all-in-one tool for managing tasks, contacts, notes, and even blog publishing.

Overview of Alive Organizer

Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features set it apart from its printed counterparts and similar software. With this tool, you can effortlessly create and manage your schedule for any date, receive timely reminders for birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays, and maintain a detailed address book. But what truly sets it apart is its unique capability to keep and publish a personal blog, seamlessly integrating your thoughts and plans with your daily tasks.

A "Live" Organizer for Your Busy Life

It lives up to its name as a "live" organizer. It lets you instantly control, view, edit, and update your tasks and schedule. The practical experience of using it reveals that spending just ten minutes at the beginning of your day scheduling and reviewing your tasks can save you up to two hours of valuable time.

Planning Your Time

The built-in task manager in the tool lets you intelligently schedule personal events, appointments, and important occasions. It sends timely reminders for each task, creating an efficient schedule for your personal and business life.

Comprehensive Address Book

It integrates a feature-rich address book, allowing you to save an extensive list of personal and business contacts. With over 50 fields for each contact, you can provide detailed information and quickly find the contact you need.

Efficient Task Management

The task manager within the tool enables effective planning of tasks and projects. You'll receive reminders for upcoming tasks and have the flexibility to edit or cancel them. Tasks can be customized with fields such as start and end dates, priority, status, responsible persons, etc.

Personal Blogs

Express your feelings, emotions, and conclusions related to specific events, dates, or meetings within the pages of your blog. You can also add photos and images to your blog posts. After preparing a post, publishing it on popular blog servers like Blogger, Live Journal, Type Pad, and Mod Blog is just a click away. Engage with a global audience, receive feedback, and connect with supporters worldwide.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista all SP, Windows 7 or later
  • CPU: Intel® Pentium 4 or later / AMD Athlon 64 or later (900 MHz or greater)(64-bit support recommended)
  • Memory: 4GB or more (Recommend 8GB or more)
  • HDD: 10GB or more of free disk space
  • Display: XGA (1,024x768), Full Color (24-bit or higher), 16-bit display (32-bit recommended)


Alive Organizer empowers you to control your time, stay connected with your contacts, manage tasks efficiently, and express yourself through personal blogs. Its intuitive interface and powerful features simplify your life, making organization a breeze.


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