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Free download Slic3r 1.3.0 Latest full version - Open source 3D printing toolbox.


Free Download Slic3r for Windows PC. This comprehensive desktop application is a powerful tool for turning 3D models into G-code, a necessary step in 3D printing. 

Overview of Slic3r

This software offers a visual preview of toolpaths, advanced configuration management, and the ability to generate custom G-code with conditional logic. It includes features like a print spool queue, catering to multiple machines simultaneously, or sending print jobs to OctoPrint. With compatibility for FDM/FFF and SLA/DLP printers, It also allows the application of distinct settings on custom regions, among other functionalities. It presents a user-friendly interface that enables users to visualize the toolpaths that their 3D printer will follow. Its advanced configuration management empowers users to fine-tune various settings according to their specific printing needs. Here are the key features:

Visual Toolpath Preview

It provides users with a visual representation of the toolpaths, allowing them to preview and analyze the printing process before initiating it. This feature helps identify potential issues and optimize printing settings for better results.

Custom G-code Generation

The software allows the creation of custom G-code with conditional logic, offering high control over the printing process. Users can tailor the G-code to suit specific requirements, enhancing precision and efficiency in 3D printing.

Print Spool Queue

It enables users to manage print jobs across multiple machines simultaneously by queuing tasks or sending them to OctoPrint, facilitating seamless and efficient printing operations.

Compatibility and Modifier Support

With support for FDM/FFF and SLA/DLP printers, It offers the flexibility of applying distinct settings to custom regions within models, ensuring precise and customized printing outcomes.

Command Line Tool

It includes a command line tool that exposes most features, facilitating batch operations and custom integrations. 

Converting between various 3D formats

It is a powerful C++ library that allows developers to build custom applications utilizing its internal algorithms. It offers functionalities such as handling 3D models, slicing to vector data, generating G-code in multiple formats, infill pattern generation, and sending G-code over a serial port.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7,8,9,10 or 11
  • Processor: Minimum 1 GHz Processor (2.4 GHz recommended)
  • RAM: 4GB or higher
  • Disk Space: 200MB for installation


Slic3r is a versatile and feature-rich tool for 3D printing enthusiasts and professionals. Its user-friendly interface, advanced configuration options, support for various printers, and command line tools empower users to transform their 3D models into precise and high-quality prints efficiently. Whether you're a beginner exploring 3D printing or an experienced user seeking customization and control, It caters to a wide array of printing needs, ensuring a seamless and satisfactory printing experience.


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