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Free download Aescripts StyleX for After Effects Latest full version - Video stylization tool with AI.

Free Download Aescripts StyleX for After Effects for Windows PC. This advanced tool harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to transform your videos into a wide range of captivating styles, from cartoons and drawings to paintings and halftone masterpieces.

Overview of Aescripts StyleX for After Effects

It is not your average video stylization tool. It goes beyond the ordinary by allowing you to convert your footage into high-quality cartoons with remarkable precision. But that's not all; it can also generate stylized videos in the unique style of any given image or video. This means you have the power to create artistic effects that truly stand out, whether you want your video to resemble a hand-drawn masterpiece or a modern digital painting.

Mastering Artistry Through AI

The plugin's magic lies in its AI-based method, analyzing structures, textures, and colors across various cartoon styles. This deep analysis ensures that it can extract cartoon representations effectively, resulting in superior perceptual quality. Your cartoons will look more authentic and visually stunning.

Unleash Your Creativity

It empowers you to become a video-styling virtuoso. It features two primary modes: Cartoon and Style Transfer. In these modes, you'll find a treasure trove of controls that make achieving your desired effects a breeze.

Style Scale Slider

This nifty tool allows you to fine-tune the intensity of your chosen style, from subtle nuances to bold, eye-catching effects.

Chroma Blend

Maintain the original colors in your drawing and painting styles, ensuring your videos retain their unique color identity.

Luma Blend Slider

Achieve captivating color transfer effects effortlessly, giving your videos a distinctive visual flair.

System Requirements

  • After Effects: 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020


The Aescripts StyleX for After Effects is a revolutionary tool that transforms video styling, making it a game-changer in the industry. Its cutting-edge AI technology empowers you to effortlessly create stunning effects, aiming for a cartoon-like charm or a sophisticated painting style. With an array of intuitive controls and compatibility with Adobe After Effects, it becomes an indispensable tool in your creative arsenal.


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