Aescripts pt_Bundle 2023 for After Effects


Free Download Aescripts pt_Bundle for After Effects for Windows PC. This powerhouse collection of tools is designed to enhance your After Effects experience, making your workflow smoother and more efficient than ever before.

Overview of Aescripts pt_Bundle for After Effects

It is a comprehensive package of scripts and plugins tailored for Adobe After Effects. It's like having a magic wand that empowers you to unlock new possibilities and achieve results that were once thought out of reach.

pt_EffectSearch 3

Imagine being able to search for effects within your After Effects project swiftly. It lets you do exactly that. Not only can you locate effects, but you can also manage them effortlessly. Identify missing effects, toggle them on or off, delete unwanted effects, and even link them to create cloned effect instances. This feature-rich tool streamlines your creative process and ensures you're always in control.

pt_ExpressEdit 2

This plugin allows you to search, apply, and edit expressions across your project. This tool covers whether you want to save expressions for later use or instantly apply them to various properties. It can detect and fix broken expressions, saving you time and frustration.

pt_FrameRestorer 2

This tool utilizes motion interpolation to address various problems – from capture and conversion glitches to visual effects cleanup tasks. It is your ally in restoring and enhancing your footage, ensuring a polished and professional result.


Need to embed subtitles into your videos for web or tape delivery? pt_ImportSubtitles is the solution. Import subtitles into After Effects using popular formats like Encore Text Script, SubRip SRT, or WebVTT. Render them with alpha to integrate into your editing software or use them directly in Premiere Pro through Dynamic Link. This tool streamlines the subtitle integration process, saving you time and effort.


This plugin introduces expressions allowing you to move layers on the z-axis freely while maintaining the original camera perspective. Experiment with depth and dimension in your scenes without altering the overall look, giving your projects a new sense of depth and visual intrigue.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7 or later
  • Adobe After Effects: CS or later


The Aescripts pt_Bundle for After Effects is a game-changer for creative professionals who use After Effects as their canvas. With an array of innovative tools like pt_EffectSearch 3, pt_ExpressEdit 2, pt_FrameRestorer 2, pt_ImportSubtitles, and pt_Multiplane, this bundle empowers you to streamline your workflow, elevate your projects, and achieve results that leave a lasting impact.


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