Aescripts Parenter 1.0 for After Effects

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Free download Aescripts Parenter 1.0 for After Effects Latest full version - Reposition Layers without Affecting their Animation.

Free Download Aescripts Parenter for After Effects for Windows PC. It is a valuable tool that lets you quickly reposition layers without disrupting their animation. You can effortlessly select layers, click a button, and reposition them collectively to your desired location. It's remarkably simple and incredibly effective, all without affecting the layers' parenting structure.

Overview of Aescripts Parenter for After Effects

It is a powerful tool designed to streamline your After Effects workflow. Repositioning layers has never been easier – no more tedious adjustments or manual tweaking. It lets you take control in just a few easy steps.

Select and Group Layers

Start by selecting all the layers you want to move. Whether it's a complex composition or a simple scene, it handles it. Just highlight the layers you need.

Create the Parenter Null

Once your layers are selected, click the "Create Parenter" button. This action generates a null object that becomes the parent of your selected layers. This null serves as a master controller for the repositioning process.

Effortless Repositioning

Move the newly created "Parenter" null to your desired location. As you do so, watch in amazement as all the selected layers elegantly follow suit, maintaining their original animations.

Clean and Restore

If you ever want to revert to the original arrangement, click "Remove." This action removes the Parenter null and restores the layers to their previous parenting relationships.

Click to Center

Clicking the "Create Parenter" button places the new null at the averaged center of your selected layers, ensuring a balanced repositioning.

Control-Click Precision

Control-clicking the button positions the new null at the location of the last selected layer, providing pinpoint accuracy.

Shift-Click for Composition Center

Shift-clicking creates the new null at the center of the composition, making it ideal for quick adjustments to the entire scene.

3D Flexibility

Right-clicking the button allows the creation of a 3D Parenter null. Combine this with any of the above shortcuts for even greater control.

Unlocking More Possibilities

It doesn't stop at repositioning. This dynamic tool opens up a world of possibilities to enhance your After Effects experience:

Copy/Paste Parenting: Copy and paste a parent to multiple layers simultaneously. No more repetitive parenting adjustments – streamline your workflow effortlessly.
Clear Parenting: Need a fresh start? It lets you clear parents from selected layers, giving you a clean slate to work with.
KBar Support: Boost your productivity by adding most Parenter functions to KBar, further optimizing your workflow. For a full list of supported functions, check out the instructions.txt file.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7 or higher
  • After Effects Version: 2022 or newer


Aescripts Parenter for After Effects revolutionizes the way you handle layer repositioning. Its intuitive approach simplifies complex tasks and offers unprecedented efficiency. It empowers you to focus on your creative vision by effortlessly repositioning layers while preserving their animations.


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