Aescripts Masks to Cropped Layers II 2.1 for After Effects

Aescripts Masks to Cropped Layers II for After Effects Download (Latest 2024) - FileCR

Free download Aescripts Masks to Cropped Layers II 2.1 for After Effects Latest full version - Optimize Animation and VFX Performance.

Free Download Aescripts Masks to Cropped Layers II for After Effects for Windows PC. This remarkable utility is designed to animate vector graphics and optimize the performance of your VFX compositing projects, whether you're dealing with intricate vector artwork imported from Illustrator or focusing on specific areas tracked in Mocha.

Overview of Aescripts Masks to Cropped Layers II

The utility intelligently copies each mask from a layer to a new solid for seamless animation or utilizes it to generate a pre-comp. The magic happens when the new layer is cropped to match the mask's size, providing unparalleled animation flexibility while significantly boosting performance.

Two Main Purposes

This versatile tool serves two primary purposes: animating vector artwork and enhancing VFX work. Let's explore both aspects to understand the scope of its capabilities.

Animating Vector Artwork

If you're working with vector artwork, especially designs imported from Illustrator, this script is a dream come true. It takes layers with multiple masks and separates them into individual solids. Each new layer can be customized with stroke and fill effects, allowing you to animate them like any conventional After Effects layer. The result? Your vector artwork comes to life with ease and precision.

Boosting VFX Performance

Precision and efficiency are paramount for VFX artists in tasks like rotoscoping, tracking, or clean-ups. With this tool, you can mask the specific area you're working on, and the script generates new pre-comps cropped to match the mask size. Using these optimized pre-comps as the source for your effects work translates to faster rendering and extended RAM previews.

Flexible Mask Size Calculation

One of the standout features of this utility is its ability to calculate mask sizes using different methods. You can opt for basic rectangles for a speedy process or choose bezier paths for pixel-accurate precision, albeit slightly slower. Moreover, you can calculate mask sizes from a single frame, the composition work area, or the layer's duration, tailoring the tool to your needs.

Effortless Workflow Enhancements

It streamlines your workflow with intuitive features. If you have multiple masks on a layer, simply selecting a few triggers the script to create new layers based on your selection. Additionally, the script panel incorporates handy buttons for quick selections of open or closed masks, further simplifying your experience.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7 or later
  • After Effects: CS6 and above


Every second and pixel counts in the dynamic realm of animation and VFX. Aescripts Masks to Cropped Layers II empowers you to maximize your creative journey by optimizing performance, enhancing animation possibilities, and offering a hassle-free workflow. Whether you're a vector artist breathing life into your designs or a VFX wizard crafting stunning visual effects, this utility is your trusty companion.


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