Aescripts CINEWARE proxy 1.32 for After Effects

Free Download Aescripts CINEWARE proxy Plugin for After Effects for Windows PC. Are you ready to revolutionize your workflow in After Effects? Look no further than the Aescripts CINEWARE Proxy Plugin. If you've ever worked with complex projects, you know that the convenience of the live 3D pipeline can sometimes be overshadowed by sluggishness. But fear not! With the CINEWARE Proxy Plugin, you can have the best of both worlds.

Overview of Aescripts CINEWARE Proxy Plugin for Adobe After Effects

The Aescripts CINEWARE Proxy Plugin introduces a game-changing approach to working with Cinema 4D projects in After Effects. This plugin empowers you to render your C4D projects as layers within After Effects, streamlining your workflow while maintaining flexibility and speed.

Features of Aescripts CINEWARE proxy Plugin for After Effects

Support for Multi-Pass Rendering

Unlock the potential of multi-pass rendering, adding depth and realism to your compositions.

Preserve All Modifications

Switching between the live pipeline and proxy files doesn't mean sacrificing your creative tweaks. Your effects, masks, and adjustments remain intact.

Automatic Naming of Proxy Files

Save time and avoid confusion with the automatic naming of proxy files.

File-Naming Convention Recognition

The plugin adapts to your file-naming conventions, making organization a breeze.

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 10 or 11
  • Software: After Effects (compatibility details available on the plugin's official page)


In the world of motion graphics and visual effects, speed and creativity go hand in hand. The Aescripts CINEWARE Proxy Plugin for After Effects marries these two crucial elements, offering a revolutionary solution for seamlessly integrating Cinema 4D projects. No more compromises between real-time interaction and rendering efficiency. With CINEWARE Proxy, you can toggle between the two effortlessly, keeping your creative momentum flowing.


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