Aescripts Bendio 1.0.1 for After Effects

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Free download Aescripts Bendio 1.0.1 for After Effects Latest full version - Bend Layers and Attach Other Layers to the Bend.

Free Download Aescripts Bendio for After Effects for Windows PC. It is a valuable plugin for After Effects users, offering a quick and straightforward solution to bend and attach other layers to the bend.

Overview of Aescripts Bendio for After Effects

It is the ideal tool if you've ever wanted to add a bend to chains of parented layers, like character rigs. It helps to bend layers and create dynamic animations in Adobe After Effects.

Bend Layers with Ease

Drag attach points to your desired locations and adjust them as needed. No more spending ages setting up pins or struggling with readjustments afterward. Its intuitive interface allows you to move attached points effortlessly, ensuring a seamless animation experience.

Effortless Null Generation

It takes user-friendliness to the next level with its null generation feature. As you bend the layer, the generated nulls follow your attached points. This means you can focus on the creative aspects of your animation, knowing that it has your technical needs covered. With this powerful feature, you can speed up your animation process and create stunning visuals more efficiently.

Bend It Better with Full Control

While the native effect CC Bend offers a simple bend effect, it takes it further. One common frustration with CC Bend is its aggressive layer cropping, which can limit your creative freedom. It allows you to completely remove this cropping, allowing you to animate the entire layer while maintaining full control over the bending process. This is particularly advantageous when rigging objects like shoes or torsos, ensuring a more realistic and dynamic outcome.

Stay Sharp with Shape Layers

It caters to those who love working with shape and .ai layers while preserving their sharpness. Unlike other effects that don't move with the layer during animation, It offers a smart solution. By clicking the Convert To Mask button, your attach points transform into mask points, sticking to the layer regardless of your animations. This innovation ensures that your effects stay in sync with your animations, saving you time and frustration.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 10 or later
  • Adobe After Effects: CC 2018 and later


Aescripts Bendio for After Effects redefines how you approach animation, making complex bending and layer attachment tasks a thing of the past. Its intuitive interface, null generation, enhanced control, and compatibility with shape layers empower animators to create captivating and dynamic visuals without technical hurdles. Whether you're working on character rigs, motion graphics, or any other animation project, it will be your go-to tool for achieving stunning results efficiently and effortlessly.

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