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TRAIL OUT Free Download PC Game Latest Version 2024 for Windows 10/11. Take on the role of Mihalych, a racer aiming to win the main cup of the festival.

Free Download TRAIL OUT For Windows PC. It is the game you need if you’re a fan of high-octane racing games filled with explosive action and heart-stopping moments. This game promises non-stop excitement, where every race is a new adventure.

Overview of TRAIL OUT Free Download For PC

TRAIL OUT is a thrilling racing game developed by GOOD BOYS and published by Crytivo. This game brings a unique racing experience focusing on destruction, explosions, and over-the-top action. Players take on the role of Mihalych, a racer aiming to win the main cup of the festival by defeating various bosses in intense races and derbies.

Game Features

  • Up to 50 cars from different classes, eras, and conditions.
  • 50 diverse tracks, including city tracks, derby arenas, and dangerous tracks with crossroads.
  • 8 different modes: races, derbies, stunts, and non-traditional game modes in TRAIL OUT PC download.
  • Built on Unreal Engine 4 for customizable graphics and physics.
  • Boss duel system with unique challenges on their home turf.
  • Car building from the ground up and extensive improvements.
  • Fan acquisition through races and challenges to unlock new cars.
  • Simple storyline with in-game cutscenes featuring Mihalych.
  • Split-screen multiplayer for up to 4 friends.
  • Adrenaline-pumping licensed soundtrack.
  • Dead Out mode with zombie challenges.
  • Regular game updates with additional content.

TRAIL OUT Gameplay

In TRAIL OUT free download, players have various tracks and game modes, each designed to test their driving skills and strategy. Racing on large tracks in Rush mode or battling it out in a classic derby, each mode offers a unique twist to keep you on your toes. The game’s dynamic physics and customizable graphics make each crash and explosion feel realistic and satisfying.

Characters and Storyline

The main character, Mihalych, is a dedicated racer with a simple yet engaging storyline. His goal is to win the main cup of the festival by defeating all the bosses. These bosses present unique challenges in their respective tracks and derby events, adding a layer of strategy to the game. With each victory, Mihalych gains more fans and improves his car, progressing further in his racing career.

Boss Duel System

One of the standout features of TRAIL OUT free download for PC is the Boss Duel system. Players must defeat bosses on their home turf, often involving specialized tracks or derby events. These duels are about speed, mastering the art of destruction, and surviving through intense races and derbies. Winning these duels allows players to advance and acquire new car parts, adding a rewarding progression system.

Game Modes

  • Cross: Races with intersections where you might collide with opponents.
  • Rush: Larger tracks where you fight your way to the finish line.
  • Derby Classic: A last-man-standing destruction derby.
  • Derby Domination: Score points by destroying opponents.
  • Hunter: Aim to destroy as many cars as possible to beat your opponent's score.
  • No Time: Drive against the clock on difficult sections with special vehicles.
  • Stunts: Mini-games like bowling and darts with cars.
  • Escape: Flee from an armed aircraft that targets the last place racer.

Trail Out Complete Bundle

For those looking to get the most out of TRAIL OUT, the Trail Out Complete Bundle free download is an excellent choice. This bundle includes the main game and several DLCs, introducing new cars and additional content. The Legendary Cars DLC features three iconic vehicles, while the Luxury Life DLC brings premium luxury cars. The Steel Wheels DLC adds heavy vehicles and shooting APCs, ensuring every player finds something to enhance their racing experience.


TRAIL OUT provides an exciting racing experience focusing on destruction and chaos. Whether racing through dangerous tracks, participating in intense derbies, or facing off against bosses, it keeps you engaged with its variety and action-packed gameplay. The Complete Bundle adds even more depth with additional vehicles and content, making it a must-have for any racing game enthusiast.

TRAIL OUT System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 10/11 (64-bit)
  • Processor: Intel Core i7 4790
  • Memory: 16 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GTX 1060
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 27 GB available space


Q: How many players can play TRAIL OUT latest version in split-screen mode?

A: It supports up to 4 players in split-screen mode.

Q: Can you customize cars in TRAIL OUT?

A: Yes, you can build and improve cars from the ground up, including bodywork, engines, wheels, and more.

Q: What game modes are available in TRAIL OUT?

A: There are 8 game modes, including Cross, Rush, Derby Classic, Derby Domination, Hunter, No Time, Stunts, and Escape.

Q: Is there a storyline in this game?

A: Yes, the game follows the story of Mihalych as he tries to win the main cup of the festival by defeating various bosses.

Q: Does TRAIL OUT have a multiplayer option?

A: Yes, you can play with up to 4 friends in split-screen mode on the same PC. 

Previous version

Additional info
File Name:TRAIL OUT: Complete
(Last Pursuit Update) + 5 DLCs + Windows 7 Fix
File Name:TRAIL OUT: Complete (Zhenka's Legacy Update)
(Repack + 4 DLCs + Windows 7 Fix, MULTi11)
Wild Roads Update + Windows 7 Fix, MULTi11


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