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dotAGE Free Download Game For PC Latest Version 2024 for Windows 7/8.1/10/11. Challenge your city-building skills in a turn-based survival setting.

Free Download dotAGE For Windows PC. Ready to dive into a game that combines the strategic depth of board games with the unpredictability of roguelike elements? Look no further! dotAGE is here to challenge your city-building skills in a turn-based survival setting.

Overview of dotAGE Free Download For PC

dotAGE puts you in the role of the village elder, leading a group of villagers known as Pips to build and survive in a world threatened by the apocalypse. Released by developer and publisher Michele Pirovano, this game offers strategy, survival, and city-building elements to keep you on your toes.

Features of dotAGE

  • Deep worker placement mechanics inspired by board games.
  • Over 200 buildings to construct.
  • 30 different professions to train your villagers in.
  • 70 diverse resources to manage in dotAGE.
  • Dynamic and unpredictable events each turn.
  • Multiple difficulty levels to match your playstyle.
  • Unlockable game mechanics and content as you progress.
  • Real medieval music was rearranged from the Montpellier Codex.

dotAGE Gameplay

In dotAGE free download, you start as the Elder, guiding your Pips to build a new village from scratch in an empty valley. The game is turn-based, allowing you to carefully plan each move. Assign your workers to various tasks like growing crops, herding animals, burying the dead, forging tools, upgrading buildings, and more. Every decision impacts your village's survival, so strategic planning is crucial.

Each turn presents new challenges as the Domains—forces that govern the world—unleash events like poison, disease, earthquakes, and even kittens. No two games are the same, and each game run is different due to the Elder's hazy memories. As you progress, you'll unlock new buildings, professions, resources, and game mechanics, adding complexity and excitement.


The primary characters in dotAGE PC download are the Elder and the Pips. The Elder is the guiding force, having visions of a doomed future and leading the villagers to safety. The Pips are your fellow villagers who rely on your decisions to survive. Each Pip can be trained in various professions, contributing to the village's growth and resilience.

Buildings and Professions

dotAGE has many buildings and professions, each playing a critical role in the village's development. You can construct over 200 buildings, each with unique functions. For instance, some buildings help produce essential resources, while others provide training for the Pips in different professions.

The 30 available professions include farmers, blacksmiths, healers, and more, each essential for maintaining the village's well-being and preparing for impending threats.

Events and Challenges

Every turn in dotAGE free download for PC brings new challenges. The game features dynamic events controlled by the Domains. These events range from natural disasters like earthquakes to health crises like diseases. Each event tests your village's preparedness and strategic skills. As you survive these events, you'll uncover the underlying cause of the apocalypse, adding a narrative layer to the game.

Difficulty Levels

It caters to various playstyles with multiple difficulty levels. Whether you prefer a relaxed, casual experience or a hardcore, strategic challenge, the game has something for you. The easier levels let you enjoy building and managing your village with fewer threats, while the more challenging levels push your strategic thinking and resource management to the limit.

Music and Atmosphere

The game's atmosphere is enhanced by authentic medieval music, taken from the Montpellier Codex and rearranged by Luigi di Guida. This music adds a historical and immersive feel to the game, making each session unique and engaging.


It provides a rich, strategic experience for fans of city-building and survival games. Its blend of worker placement mechanics, dynamic events, and varied difficulty levels make it a game worth playing.

As you guide your Pips through the challenges of the apocalypse, you'll find yourself deeply engaged in ensuring the village's survival and uncovering the mysteries of the prophecy. Download dotAGE today and see if you have what it takes to lead your village to safety.

dotAGE System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8.1/10/11 (64-bit)
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Storage: 300 MB free space
  • Processor: 64-bit


Q: How long does a typical game session last?

A: A typical game session can last 30 minutes to several hours, depending on your playstyle and challenges.

Q: Is dotAGE suitable for younger players?

A: DotAGE's strategic and challenging gameplay makes it suitable for all ages, though younger players might need guidance.

Q: Can I customize my village layout?

A: You have full control over where to place buildings and how to manage your resources.

Q: Is there a multiplayer mode?

A: Currently, dotAGE is a single-player game with no multiplayer mode.

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