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Overview of MultiTime for macOS

MultiTime is a macOS application that allows users to keep track of multiple time zones simultaneously. It is a handy tool for people who work with team members or clients in different parts of the world, as it helps them stay on top of their schedule and avoid miscommunication due to time zone differences.

Features of MultiTime for macOS

  • Display multiple time zones: It allows you to add as many time zones as you need and displays them all in a single window. You can customize the display to show either the current time or a specific date and time and choose from a variety of clock styles and colors
  • Set reminders: Need to be reminded of an important meeting or call? MultiTime lets you set reminders for specific times or intervals and will alert you with a notification
  • Customizable display: In addition to choosing the clock style and color, you can also adjust the font size and display format to suit your preferences
  • World clock widget: If you don't want to keep the main MultiTime window open all the time, you can use the world clock widget to check the time in your chosen time zones quickly

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • macOS 11.0 or later
  • Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor


Q: Can I add my time zones to MultiTime?
A: Yes, you can add any time zone recognized by macOS. Just click the "Add" button and search for the time zone you want to add.

Q: Can I customize the appearance of the clock display?
A: You can choose from various clock styles and colors and adjust the font size and display format.


If you frequently work with team members or clients in different time zones, MultiTime is a valuable tool in your arsenal. Its ability to display multiple time zones simultaneously, set reminders, and customize the display make it a valuable resource for staying organized and on top of your schedule.

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