Toroco SyncTwoFolders 2.5.0

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Free download Toroco SyncTwoFolders for MacOS Latest full version - This tool synchronizes two folders.


Free Download Toroco SyncTwoFolders, the latest standalone offline installer for macOS. It is a powerful tool for effortlessly synchronizing files and folders.

Overview of Toroco SyncTwoFolders for macOS

It is a lightweight and intuitive application that allows users to sync files and folders between two locations easily. Its user-friendly interface and straightforward functionality make it perfect for users of all levels of expertise. Whether you need to keep your documents synced between your Mac and an external drive or ensure that your work files are up to date across multiple devices,

Features of Toroco SyncTwoFolders for macOS

  • Simple InterfaceBoasts a clean and intuitive interface, making it easy for users to navigate and use the application without hassle.
  • Flexible Sync Options: Users can choose from various sync options, including one-way or two-way synchronization, depending on their specific needs.
  • Customizable Settings: Customizable settings allow users to tailor the synchronization process to their preferences.
  • Automatic Sync: The application can automatically sync files and folders at scheduled intervals, ensuring that your data is always up to date.
  • Preview Changes: Preview the changes to be made, giving them complete control over the synchronization process.
  • Exclude Files: Users can exclude specific files or folders from the synchronization process, allowing for greater flexibility and customization.
  • Fast and Efficient: Minimizing the time required to sync large volumes of data.
  • Secure: Prioritizes data security, ensuring your files and folders are transferred securely between locations.

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • macOS 10.12 or later


Q: Does it offer customer support?
A: Yes, It offers customer support via email.

Q: Can I customize the interface of it?
A: Yes, you can customize the interface of it with themes and wallpapers.


Q: Is it safe to use?
A: It is safe to use and contains no malware or viruses.


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