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Free download Tegisoft Project Bookmarks for MacOS Latest full version - Organize project links, folders & descriptions easily.


Free Download Tegisoft Project Bookmarks, the latest standalone offline installer for macOS. It streamlines project organization, allowing easy bookmarking of web links, folders, and descriptions.

Overview of Tegisoft Project Bookmarks for macOS

It is a handy app that allows users to bookmark project information such as web links, project folders, and descriptions. It provides a convenient way to organize and access important project-related data, helping users stay organized and efficient.

Features of Tegisoft Project Bookmarks for macOS

  • Bookmark Web Links: Easily save and access web links related to your projects.
  • Bookmark Project Folders: Organize project folders and access them quickly.
  • Add Descriptions: Add descriptions to bookmarks for better organization and understanding.
  • Search Functionality: Quickly find bookmarks using the built-in search feature.
  • Custom Tags: Tag bookmarks with custom tags for easy categorization.
  • Import/Export Bookmarks: Import or export bookmarks for backup or sharing purposes.
  • Customizable Interface: Customize the app's interface to suit your preferences.
  • Lightweight and Fast: It is lightweight and does not slow down your system.

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • macOS 12.3 or later.


Q: Can I sync my bookmarks across multiple devices?
A: Currently, it does not support syncing across multiple devices.

Q: Can I organize bookmarks into folders?
A: Yes, you can organize bookmarks into folders for better organization.

Q: Can I export my bookmarks to other bookmarking services?
A: You can export your bookmarks to other bookmarking services supporting standard bookmark file formats. 


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