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Free download SweetP Minim for MacOS Latest offline Installer - An efficient content blocker for Safari.


Free Download SweetP Minim is the latest standalone offline installer for macOS. It is an advanced content blocker designed to help you completely customize your browsing experience. It is a cloud platform, and intuitive apps are created to make WiFi simple, safe, and fun.

Overview of SweetP Minim for macOS

It is a powerful tool that helps home users improve their WiFi experience. It offers a range of features that make managing your WiFi network a breeze. It has everything you need to ensure a seamless WiFi experience, from monitoring your network's performance to enhancing its security. With its powerful rule-based blocking syntax, you can easily create rules to browse just as you like. For example, you could rule to block Javascript across all websites but allow it on a select few. You could also develop other rules to block all data from a group of ad-tracking websites.

It is integrated into Safari as an extension and built using the latest macOS technologies to be fast and not degrade your browsing experience. It enhances your internet, as everything you decide to block is not just hidden (like javascript-based blockers) - but is blocked from downloading. This has the effect of speeding up your browsing by avoiding the downloading of junk data.

Features of SweetP Minim for macOS

  • Network Monitoring
    It allows you to monitor your network's performance easily in real time. You can see which devices are connected to your network, how much bandwidth they use, and identify potential issues affecting your connection.
  • Parental Controls
    It offers robust parental control features, allowing you to manage your children's internet usage. You can set time limits, block inappropriate content, and even pause the internet on specific devices when needed.
  • Security
    Security is a top priority for this. It offers advanced security features, such as intrusion detection and malware protection, to protect your network from cyber threats.
  • Guest Network
    With this, you can easily set up a guest network for your visitors. This lets you keep your leading network secure while providing your guests with internet access.
  • Easy Setup
    It is designed to be user-friendly, with a simple setup process that anyone can follow. You don't need to be a tech expert to get started with this– download the app, follow the instructions, and you're good to go.

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • macOS 11 or later
  • Safari 16


Q: Is this compatible with my current router?
A: it is compatible with a wide range of routers. Download the app and follow the setup instructions to check if your router is compatible.

Q: Can I use this to monitor my network remotely?
A: It offers remote monitoring capabilities, allowing you to watch your network even when you're away from home.

Q: Does it offer customer support?
A: It offers customer support to help you with any issues or questions.


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