Free Download SpriTec Software SuperTab full version standalone offline installer for macOS. It supercharges your tab key with easy-to-use and flexible features.

Overview of SuperTab for macOS

The app that does what Apple should have done! When you press Command-Tab on your Mac, Apple provides a simple App Switcher. Why to settle for just apps when -- with SuperTab installed -- you get so much more.

Moreover, You can configure this program so that Command-Tab still brings up the standard App Switcher. Then use a different method to activate SuperTab's enhanced App Switcher. You get both!

SuperTab expands the App Switcher to include

  • Active Applications & Application Windows: Active Applications on the left, all Active Application Windows on the right
  • Recent Applications, Recent Documents, and Recent Folders
  • Dock Items: all the applications, files & folders that you have in your Dock
  • Custom Items: Example Web Sites, Screen Shots, Clipboards, Folders, Meta-Folders, and more
  • Desktop Contents & Clipboard History: Your Desktop contents are on the left, Clipboard History on the right

Customize SuperTab

  • Active Applications: Your Active Applications
  • Application Windows: all windows of all applications in all Spaces
  • Recent Applications: The applications you've recently opened
  • Recent Documents: the documents you've recently opened
  • Recent Folders: the folders you've recently accessed
  • Folder Contents: the contents of any folder you choose
  • Dock Items: some or all the items from your Dock
  • Calendar Items: Instantly see your calendar items and their details
  • Clipboard History: the recent contents of your Mac's Clipboard
  • Dropbox Contents: access to your Dropbox and all its contents
  • Tagged Items: The files, folders & applications with the tags or labels you specify
  • Finder Sidebar Items: items that appear in the "Sidebar" of Finder Windows
  • Snagit Captures: Instantly preview, copy, share, and open your Snagit Captures

Custom Items Tab Rows let you choose their contents. Add any

  • Files, Folders, and Applications
  • System Preferences, such as System Notifications, iCloud, Time Machine, etc
  • Multiple Clipboards to keep snippets of text or images available for instant re-use
  • Web Site Bookmarks to your favorite Web Sites
  • Custom-Configured Screenshots and invoke them with a single click of the mouse
  • Stopwatches to time how long something takes without digging out your phone
  • Countdown Timers to ensure you don't miss out on something important!
  • Meta-Folders to quickly access any group of files, folders, or apps that you choose
  • Display Configurations to switch to your favorite display configurations with a single click
  • Saved Spotlight Searches to access the results of a Spotlight Search.
  • Auto-Types and have SuperTab automatically types commonly used phrases for you

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • OS X 10.10 or later
  • Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor


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