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Free download Skim PDF Reader for MacOS Latest Offline Installer - A powerful PDF reader and note-taker.


Free Download Skim PDF Reader is the latest standalone offline installer for macOS. It simplifies the process of reading and annotating scientific papers. And can handle a wide range of PDF files.

Overview of Skim PDF Reader for macOS

It is a PDF reader and note-taker designed to elevate the reading and annotation experience, particularly for scientific papers. While its primary focus is on academia, it proves versatile, making it an excellent choice for handling various PDF files. With an array of annotation tools, advanced navigation features, and customization options, it provides a user-friendly interface that enhances document interaction.

Features of Skim PDF Reader for macOS

  • Annotation Tools: It offers a robust set of annotation tools, allowing users to highlight, underline, and add notes to PDF documents. These annotations are invaluable for researchers who want to mark critical points or jot down thoughts while reading.
  • Advanced Navigation: The application provides various navigation options, including a table of contents, page thumbnails, and a flexible sidebar. Users can quickly jump between sections, making it efficient to navigate through lengthy documents.
  • Presentation Mode: It excels in presentation mode, making it an excellent choice for lecturers or presenters. This feature allows for a distraction-free reading experience while presenting to an audience.
  • Text Selection: It allows users to select and copy text from PDFs, facilitating the extraction of information for citations or further research.
  • Snapshot Tool: The snapshot tool enables users to capture specific document portions, which helps create custom snippets or incorporate content into presentations.
  • Scriptable Actions: It supports AppleScript, empowering users to automate repetitive tasks or integrate them with other applications for a seamless workflow.
  • Bookmarks: Users can create bookmarks to revisit specific pages or sections of a document quickly. This feature is handy for users who frequently reference particular information.
  • Notebook for Annotations: It has a dedicated sidebar for managing annotations, providing an organized space to review and edit notes made during reading.
  • Customizable Preferences: With a range of customizable preferences, users can tailor it to match their needs and reading habits.
  • Sync with External Devices: It allows users to synchronize documents with external devices, ensuring that annotations and bookmarks are accessible across different platforms.

Technical Details and System Requirements

macOS 10.10 or later


Q: Can I export my annotations?
A: It allows users to export annotations in various formats, including text and PDF.

Q: Does it support password-protected PDFs?
A: Yes, it can handle password-protected PDFs. However, users must enter the password when they open a secured document.


It is a powerful PDF reader and note-taking tool that caters to the unique needs of academics and researchers. Its rich feature set and user-friendly interface make it a standout choice for anyone dealing with PDF documents regularly. Whether navigating complex scientific papers or simply reviewing general documents, it enhances the reading experience and simplifies annotation.

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