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Free download Sindre Sorhus Hyperduck for MacOS Latest Offline Installer - Share links between iOS and Mac with ease.


Free Download Sindre Sorhus Hyperduck is the latest standalone offline installer for macOS. It simplifies sending links from your iOS device to your Mac, ensuring seamless access to content across devices.

Overview of Sindre Sorhus Hyperduck for macOS

It is a nifty application designed to streamline the process of sending links from your iOS device to your PC. With just a few taps, you can easily share URLs from your iPhone or iPad and have them open directly on your Mac's default browser. This makes it convenient to continue browsing or exploring content on a larger screen without losing track of interesting links you've come across on your mobile device.

Its top ability to transfer links even when your devices are offline. This means you can send a link from your iOS device, and it will be received and opened on your PC the next time both devices are online. This ensures that your links are never lost in transit, providing a reliable way to access content across your Apple devices.

Features of Sindre Sorhus Hyperduck for macOS

  • Offline Link Sending: Even when your iOS device and Mac are offline, It stores the links and sends them once both devices are online again, ensuring no links are lost.
  • Universal Browser Support: It works with your Mac's default browser so that you can open the shared links in your preferred browser.
  • No Network Restrictions: Unlike similar services, it does not require your devices to be on the same network, offering more flexibility in usage.
  • Privacy and Security: It leverages iCloud for link sharing, ensuring your data is encrypted and secure during transmission.
  • Trigger Shortcuts: It can also be used to trigger shortcuts on your Mac from your iOS device, enhancing the usability and functionality of your devices.
  • Easy Setup and Integration: Setting up the app is simple, requiring only iCloud to be enabled and signed in with the same Apple ID on both devices for seamless integration.
  • Unlimited Link Sharing: It allows you to share unlimited links, making it ideal for users who regularly share content between their devices.

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • macOS 14.1 or later


Q: Can I use it with any browser on my device?
A: Yes, It works with the default browser on your device.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of links I can send?
A: No, you can send unlimited links using the app.

Q: Do I need an active internet connection to send links?
A: No, you can send links even when offline, and they will be received when online.

Q: Can I use it to send links between different Apple IDs?
A: Both devices must be signed into the same Apple ID.


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