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Free download Bear Notes for MacOS Latest Offline Installer - A beautiful, powerfully simple Markdown note-taking app.


Free Download Shiny Frog Bear Notes, Latest Standalone Offline Installer for macOS. It is a beautiful, intuitive, and compelling app for writing, taking notes, and organizing your life.

Overview of Bear Notes for macOS

It is a feature-rich note-taking app. It empowers you to jot down ideas, create elaborate to-do lists, and easily organize your thoughts. Beyond simple note-taking, Bear's markdown capabilities allow you to format text, embed images, and even add code snippets, making it a versatile tool for various purposes. You can write down notes, plan your days, write down your thoughts, organize tables, create to-do lists, sketch ideas, link notes together, and do many other things. Bear is used by journalists, lawyers, chefs, managers, teachers, doctors, engineers, students, and parents.

Features of Bear Markdown Notes for macOS

  • Intuitive and Streamlined Interface:
    Bear boasts a clean and minimalist interface that prioritizes clarity and ease of use. This decluttered design allows you to focus solely on your thoughts and ideas without distractions.
  • Powerful Markdown Support:
    Harness the power of markdown syntax to format your notes effortlessly. Add bold text, italics, headings, bulleted lists, and more, all within the comfort of the Bear interface. This level of control enhances the readability and organization of your notes.
  • Seamless Tagging System:
    Categorize and organize your notes efficiently using Bear's robust tagging system. Assign relevant tags to your notes, allowing you to filter through your ever-growing collection easily.
  • Rich Media Integration:
    Elevate your notes by seamlessly embedding images, videos, and audio recordings directly into your entries. This functionality adds depth and context to your notes, making them more engaging and memorable.
  • Cross-Device Sync:
    Upgrade your Bear experience with the optional paid subscription tier, which unlocks cross-device syncing capabilities. This lets you access and update your notes from all your Apple devices, ensuring your thoughts are always readily available.
  • Secure Your Notes:
    Protect your sensitive information with Bear's built-in password protection and Touch ID/Face ID authentication. This added layer of security ensures your notes remain confidential.
  • Customizable Themes:
    Personalize your Bear experience by choosing from a variety of beautifully designed themes. Select the theme that best suits your preferences and enhances your note-taking workflow.

Technical Details and System Requirements

macOS 11.0 or later


Q: Does It offer any note-taking templates?
A: It provides many built-in templates designed for different purposes, including meeting notes, project outlines, and daily journals.

Q: Can I export my notes from Bear?
A: It allows you to export your notes in various formats, including plain text, markdown, PDF, and HTML. This flexibility ensures you can access your notes even outside the Bear app.

Q: Is It suitable for collaboration?
A: While not its primary focus, It offers basic collaboration features through shared notes. However, it is primarily designed for individual note-taking and organization.


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