Searchware Solutions Print Window Advanced 5.5.2


Free Download Searchware Solutions Print Window Advanced full version standalone offline installer for macOS. It eliminates the need for cumbersome screenshots or settling for basic text-only printouts, offering a comprehensive set of features, including icons, file information, sorting options, and more.

Overview of Searchware Solutions Print Window Advanced for macOS

It revolutionizes the way users print file listings directly from the Finder. This versatile application eliminates tedious workarounds, offering a feature-rich solution that includes icons, file details, and various formatting options. Seamlessly integrated into the Finder, it provides an intuitive user experience with customizable styles and efficient presets.

Features of Searchware Solutions Print Window Advanced for macOS

  • Variety of Formats: It empowers users to generate file listings tailored to their requirements. Whether it's standard sheets of paper, CD jewel case covers, text files, or CSV files, compatible with Microsoft Excel, this application caters to diverse formatting needs.
  • Seamless Integration: The application seamlessly integrates with the Finder, allowing users to create file listings effortlessly. Multiple methods, including keyboard shortcuts, drag-and-drop functionality, and menu bar options, provide users convenient ways to access the tool directly from the Finder.
  • Listings with Style: It allows users to customize how file information is presented in listings. Whether you prefer a comprehensive display of all available file details, a minimalistic presentation of icons and names, or even a contact sheet with thumbnails of pictures and videos, the application caters to diverse stylistic preferences.
  • Easy to Use: One of the standout features is its user-friendly interface. The application is designed to be intuitive, allowing users to create file listings effortlessly. Including preset saving functionality ensures that standard settings can be configured once and reused, enhancing overall user convenience.
  • Presets for Efficiency: Users can save presets, streamlining the process of generating file listings. This feature eliminates the need to repeatedly configure standard settings, enhancing efficiency for users who frequently perform similar tasks.
  • No Options Window Required: It takes user convenience to the next level by enabling the creation of file listings without the need to access the options window. This streamlined approach allows users to achieve their printing goals quickly and efficiently.
  • Customizable Information Display: The application gives users granular control over the information displayed in file listings. This customization capability ensures that users can include as much or as little information as desired, tailoring listings to meet specific needs.
  • Versatile Output Options: It offers a range of output options, enabling users to create file listings in various formats. Users can choose the most suitable output method, whether a physical printout, a text file, or a format compatible with Microsoft Excel.
  • Quick File Listing Creation: Integrating keyboard shortcuts and drag-and-drop functionality ensures that users can rapidly create file listings without unnecessary steps. This emphasis on speed and efficiency enhances the overall user experience.

Technical Details and System Requirements

macOS 10.12 or later


Q: Can I customize the information displayed in file listings?
A: It allows users to customize the information displayed in file listings, providing granular control over the content.

Q: Is there a quick way to create file listings without accessing the options window?
A: Absolutely. It enables users to create file listings without ever needing to open the options window, enhancing the speed and efficiency of the process.

Q: Can I save presets to avoid configuring standard settings repeatedly?
A: The application includes a preset saving feature, allowing users to save commonly used configurations for quick and efficient file listing generation.


It is a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for printing file listings on macOS. With its diverse formatting options, seamless integration with the Finder, and user-customizable features, it caters to users seeking efficiency and flexibility in managing file information. Whether you're a casual user or a professional requiring detailed file listings, it offers robust features to streamline the process.


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