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Free Download Qbserve 1.89 for MacOS Full Version - Latest Offline Installer - Automatic Time Tracker for Mac .


Free Download Qbserve full version standalone offline installer for macOS. It automatically tracks work hours and can generate invoices based on the collected data.

Overview of Qbserve for macOS

Every one of us would like to spend less time on distractions. Qbserve can help. It keeps track of what you do on your Mac and provides constant feedback on your productivity. This way, you can stay focused and develop better habits. No need to remember to start and stop time tracking.

Automatic project time tracking
It makes time tracking for freelancers easier by determining billable time based on opened documents and web pages.

  1. Setup project rules
    Create rules to tell Qbserve when to track time for a specific project. Qbserve will only track time for a project when it detects a document path or browser address that contains a specific string (like a project name) that you have set up.
  2. Track work hours automatically.
    Qbserve detects document paths in most Mac apps. It also detects web page addresses in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and other browsers. Qbserve uses the rules you have personally set up for it to track time for projects.
  3. Adjust collected data
    You can assign undetected time on the timesheets at the end of the workday in less than a minute. Undetected screen time is generated from sites and tools where the rules can't apply that you've created for Qbserve.
  4. Create detailed invoices
    Invoice items are created automatically from recorded time, and you can customize them. Qbserve has many flexible billing settings to fit your needs and 18 invoice languages to choose from.

Features of Qbserve for macOS

  • Automatic productivity analysis for over 7,600 sites, apps, and games
  • Project tracking based on opened web pages, documents, and window titles
  • Individual logging of Slack teams and YouTube videos
  • Reports and Timesheets
  • Privacy and affordability
  • Real-time feedback
  • Dynamic icons
  • Notifications
  • Browser integration
  • Flexible time management
  • Idling
  • Data export
  • Team tracking

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • OS X 10.10 or later
  • Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor


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