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Free download Logtalk for MacOS Latest offline Installer - Declarative object-oriented logic programming language.


Free Download Paulo Moura Logtalk, the latest standalone offline installer for macOS. It is an object-oriented logic programming language that extends and leverages the Prolog language. It provides a flexible and powerful way to write applications and libraries.

Overview of Logtalk for macOS

It simplifies complex programming tasks by offering a clean and efficient syntax. It allows developers to easily create reusable components, encapsulate code, and manage dependencies. Its expressive syntax makes writing and maintaining code easier, leading to faster development cycles.

Features of Logtalk for macOS

  • Object-Oriented Programming: It supports object-oriented programming paradigms, making organizing and managing code easier.
  • Code Reusability: With this, you can create reusable components, reducing redundancy in your codebase.
  • Encapsulation: It allows you to encapsulate code, protecting it from unintended modifications and making it easier to maintain.
  • Extensibility: Its modular architecture makes extending and customizing functionality easy.
  • Compatibility: It is compatible with most Prolog compilers, ensuring your code can run on different platforms without modification.
  • Scalability: It is suitable for small and large-scale projects thanks to its scalability and flexibility.
  • Modularity: Modular architecture enables developers to organize code into modules, improving code organization and maintenance.

Technical Details and System Requirements

macOS 10.10 or later


Q: Is Logtalk free?
A: Yes, It is an open-source project distributed under the terms of the Apache License 2.0.

Q: Can I use Logtalk with other programming languages?
A: Yes, It can be integrated with other languages such as C, Java, and Python.

Q: How can I get started with Logtalk?
A: You can download this from the official website and follow the installation instructions for macOS.

Q: Can I contribute to the Logtalk project?
A: It is an open-source project, and contributions are welcome. You can contribute code, documentation or report issues on the GitHub repository.

Previous version

Additional info
File Name:logtalk-3.79.0.pkg.zip
File Name:logtalk-3.76.0.pkg.zip
File Name:logtalk-3.74.0.pkg.zip


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