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Free download Paragon extFS for MacOS Latest full version - Access Linux-formatted files from your Mac.


Free Download Paragon extFS full version standalone offline installer for macOS. It provides native support for Linux file systems, allowing you to access your files effortlessly without complex workarounds or third-party applications.

Overview of Paragon extFS for macOS

This powerful utility seamlessly provides full read and write access to Linux file systems such as ext2, ext3, and ext4. With its user-friendly interface and robust functionality, extFS ensures a smooth and efficient experience for users, regardless of their level of technical expertise.

One of the key advantages is to ensure optimal performance and stability. Whether transferring files between your Mac and a Linux-based system or needing to access Linux files on your Mac, It provides a seamless solution that eliminates the need for cumbersome workarounds or complex configurations.

Mounting is under your control with advanced options

  • Enable Spotlight Indexing – select this option if you want an instant search to view detailed info about how much space is used on the selected volume for applications, music, videos, photos, etc.
  • Mount in Read-only – select this option to access sensitive data without modifying files.
  • Do not mount automatically – select this option to control access to a volume manually.

Features of Paragon extFS for macOS

  • Write Access: When a volume is mounted in write mode, you can do everything with the files and folders it contains: read, edit, delete, rename, and create new.
  • Automount: It mounts supported volumes automatically at startup, so you don't need to worry when you restart the operating system or power your computer on. However, this feature can be turned off anytime in the program interface.
  • Volume Management: It easily formats, checks integrity, and repairs corrupted volumes.
  • Internationalization: It supports all alphabets supported by your operating systems, including those that use non-Roman and non-Latin characters, so you will never face the problem of not getting access to file names on volumes mounted in non-native OS.
  • Read/write support for LVM (Logical Volume Management): With this Software, your Linux's logical volume manager won't lose any of its functions. It will be able to perform open, close, read, and write operations and generally operate as usual.
  • Compatible with 3rd party software: It is compatible with popular virtualization and encryption applications, including VMware Fusion and Workstation, Parallels Desktop, TrueCrypt, and its forks.

Technical Details and System Requirements

macOS 10.14.6 or later


It offers a convenient and reliable solution for accessing Linux file systems on your Mac. Its seamless integration, robust functionality, and user-friendly interface ensure a smooth user experience, whether developers, professionals, or casual users. Boost your Mac's capabilities and streamline your workflow. Read/write Linux ext2/3/4 files on your Mac effortlessly and enhance your productivity today!


Q: Can I access files on external Linux drives?
A: It provides full read and write access to Linux files on internal and external drives.

Q: Do I need to install any additional drivers or software?
A: No, It does not require any additional drivers or software.

Q: Can I transfer files between my Mac and a Linux-based system?
A: It allows for seamless file transfer between macOS and Linux environments.

Q: Is It secure for transferring sensitive data?
A: Yes, It includes built-in encryption and authentication features to ensure secure data transfer

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