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Free download Opera Neon for MacOS Latest Offline Installer - Browse with visually striking design and multitasking.


Free Download Opera Neon's latest standalone offline installer for macOS. It redefines web browsing with a visually stunning interface and innovative features, providing users with a futuristic and efficient online experience.

Overview of Opera Neon for macOS

It is a revolutionary web browser, challenging conventional norms with its visually striking interface and innovative features. This browser redefines how users interact with the web, offering a dynamic start page, intuitive visual tabs, multitasking capabilities with split screen mode, and efficient resource management. With a commitment to aesthetics and functionality, it provides users with a futuristic and engaging browsing experience, making it a compelling choice in the ever-evolving world of web browsers.

Features of Opera Neon for macOS

  • Visual Tabs: It replaces the traditional tab bar with a visually striking display of open tabs. This provides a more intuitive and engaging way to navigate between websites, enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Dynamic Start Page: The start page is transformed into a dynamic visual grid, showcasing your most-visited websites in a visually appealing manner. It's a departure from the static thumbnails commonly found in other browsers, adding a touch of elegance to your browsing.
  • Video Pop-out: Allows you to pop out videos into adjustable, resizable windows, enabling you to multitask effortlessly without sacrificing video quality.
  • Split Screen Mode: Enhance your productivity by using the split screen mode, which lets you browse two websites simultaneously. This feature is handy for research, comparison shopping, or any scenario needing information from multiple sources.
  • Snap-to-Gallery: Capture snapshots of your favorite web pages and organize them in a built-in gallery. This feature is a visual way to bookmark content, making revisiting your favorite online destinations easy.
  • Integrated Sidebar: Access your bookmarks, history, and downloads seamlessly with the integrated sidebar. It streamlines navigation and ensures that your essential tools are always within reach.
  • Customizable Theme: Personalize your browsing experience with a range of customizable themes. You can tailor the browser's appearance, whether you prefer a sleek dark mode or a vibrant light theme.
  • Adaptive Address Bar: The address bar adapts to your browsing habits, providing quick access to your most-visited sites and relevant suggestions as you type. This intelligent feature makes navigation more efficient.
  • WebVR Support: For users interested in virtual reality, it supports WebVR, allowing you to experience VR content directly from your browser. Immerse yourself in a new dimension of web content without additional plugins or apps.

Technical Details and System Requirements

macOS 10.10 or later


Q: Can I import my bookmarks from other browsers?
A: It allows you to import bookmarks from other browsers, making the transition to this futuristic browser seamless.

Q: How does it handle privacy and security?
A: It prioritizes user privacy and security by incorporating features such as a built-in ad blocker, tracking protection, and secure browsing. Additionally, it benefits from the security updates of the Chromium engine, providing a robust foundation against online threats.

Q: Can I customize keyboard shortcuts?
A: It allows users to customize keyboard shortcuts to suit their preferences. This feature enhances the browsing experience by enabling users to navigate and interact with the browser.


It's a glimpse into the future of web browsing. Its visually appealing design, innovative features, and efficient resource management offer users a refreshing alternative to traditional browsers. Whether you're a casual user or a power browser, its blend of aesthetics and functionality makes it a compelling choice for those seeking a cutting-edge web experience on their devices.


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