OpenIn – Advanced Link Handler 4.0.8


Free Download OpenIn - Advanced Link Handler full version standalone offline installer for macOS. It improves productivity by taking control of installed apps on your Mac.

Overview of OpenIn - Advanced Link Handler for macOS

It is an advanced utility that allows you open links, emails, and files in the application of your choice. Just click it, and select the application from the list. It is the easiest way to organize your workflow.

It is a 100% macOS native application written in Swift. But it also provides a JavaScript engine for writing your own rules, giving you access to private API, so if you find that the UI is limited for your use case, you can write your own rules the way you want them.

Take control of installed apps on your Mac.

  • Are you using multiple browsers or Mail applications on your Mac?
  • Do you want to open links in a specific browser whenever you click them?
  • Do you want to open zoom invites directly in the zoom application?
  • Do you use more than one application for a specific file type?
  • Do you use your Mac for work and personal projects?

Remember the last time you double-clicked an app and regretted it right away? Because fully loaded IDE was a default application for a Markdown file, you wanted to edit? No more. We give you a list of applications that support a specific file type, so you can choose which application you want to open.

Use cases to help

  • You can configure OpenIn to open a browser (or application) based on the Focus defined in your system
  • You can configure OpenIn to open mailto:// links directly with the browser and webmail provider (Gmail, Outlook, Fastmail, etc.)
  • You can always define by default to open files and links with a specific application and configure additional rules for domains, paths, key modifiers, click apps where the links are, etc.
  • You can configure by default to always show the app selection dialog
  • You can configure opening links directly within the applications that support them. For example, iTunes to Apple TV, music to Apple Music, zoom links to zoom applications, and more.

Features of OpenIn - Advanced Link Handler for macOS

  • Open mailto links the way you want
  • Open files in custom apps
  • Works with file extensions
  • Easy to personalize
  • Stores the history of opened files locally on your system. If you need to find a link that you opened a few days ago, you can review the history and quickly find it there
  • It prevents you from phishing attacks. If you decide to always see the app selection dialog, you can review the link before sending it to the browser. Additionally, you can choose to open links in Safari Private mode or Chromium browser's Incognito mode
  • Automatically migrate the database from version 3. After that, you can safely delete version 3 from your system

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • macOS 13.0 or later
  • Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor

Previous version

Additional info
File Name:OpenIn - Advanced Link Handler 4.0.7 macOS
File Name:OpenIn - Advanced Link Handler 4.0.6 macOS
File Name:OpenIn - Advanced Link Handler 4.0.5 macOS
File Name:OpenIn - Advanced Link Handler 4.0.2 macOS


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