OmniPresence 1.9.1


Free Download OmniPresence latest standalone offline installer for macOS. It is a legacy solution for syncing documents across devices and works on most web hosts, including macOS Server, which means you can store all of your data yourself or pair it up with our own Omni Sync Server for free, secure syncing.

Overview of OmniPresence for macOS

It stands at the forefront of efficient file management and collaboration in the digital realm. This robust application is tailored to streamline the synchronization of files across multiple devices, fostering real-time partnership and ensuring users have seamless access to their documents. With a user-friendly interface and many features ranging from customizable sharing settings to comprehensive file format support, it aims to redefine how users interact with and manage their files, providing a powerful tool for enhanced connectivity and collaboration in today's interconnected world.

Features of OmniPresence for macOS

  • Real-Time Collaboration: Multiple users can work on the same document simultaneously, seeing each other's changes in real time. This feature is precious for teams working on projects that demand constant coordination.
  • Automatic File Updates: Changes made to a document are automatically reflected across all connected devices, ensuring that everyone has the latest version without the hassle of manual syncing.
  • Secure Cloud Storage: Users can store their documents securely in the cloud, making accessing and collaborating on files from any location accessible.
  • Customizable Sharing Settings: Users have granular control over their shared files. It allows for customizable sharing settings, letting individuals decide who can view, edit, or comment on their documents. This ensures data security and privacy.
  • Intuitive User Interface: Whether you are a tech novice or an experienced user, navigating the application is intuitive and straightforward.
  • Version History: It maintains a comprehensive version history of documents, enabling users to revert to previous states if necessary. This feature safeguards against accidental changes and provides a safety net for document editing.
  • Offline Access: Enables users to access and work on their files. Any changes made in offline mode are automatically synced once the device reconnects to the internet, ensuring a seamless workflow.
  • File Tagging and Organization: Users can categorize their documents with relevant tags, making searching for and locating specific files within the application easier.
  • Comprehensive File Format Support: It is designed to support a wide range of file formats, ensuring compatibility with different documents. The application easily handles diverse formats.

Technical Details and System Requirements

macOS 10.14 or later


Q: Can I use it without an internet connection?
A: While it supports offline access, an internet connection is required to sync changes across devices.

Q: How secure is the tool for storing sensitive documents?
A: It prioritizes data security and offers customizable sharing settings. Users can control access to their documents, enhancing privacy and safety.


It is a robust solution for individuals and teams seeking seamless collaboration and file management. Its real-time collaboration and intuitive user interface stand as a testament to The Omni Group's commitment to enhancing the user experience. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, it is a valuable tool, empowering users to connect, collaborate, and manage their files effortlessly.


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