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Free download LaunchBar for MacOS Latest full version - An easy-to-use application launcher.


Free Download LaunchBar full version standalone offline installer for macOS. It is a smart and powerful productivity utility that provides lightning-fast access to applications, documents, contacts, bookmarks, your Music Library, search engines, and more just by entering short abbreviations of the searched item's name.

Overview of LaunchBar for macOS

macOS has always been known for its sleek design and user-friendly interface. However, there's a lot more to macOS than meets the eye. One of the best ways to unlock the true potential of your Mac is by using LaunchBar, a powerful productivity tool. LaunchBar goes beyond the traditional way of launching apps and helps you streamline your workflow like never before.

LaunchBar is a functional replacement for Spotlight on Mac. After launching the application, you must set the key combination to open the LaunchBar search bar. By pressing the keys in the center of the screen, a search bar will be available in which, like in Spotlight, you can start typing the name of the application and then instantly launch it. It should be noted that the search in LaunchBar is carried out not only by installed applications but also by folders located on your Mac. Moreover, the application can find media files from your iTunes library even when the application is turned off.

Features of LaunchBar for macOS

  • Adaptive Abbreviation Search
    Find items via short acronyms of their name (e.g., SP for System Preferences).
  • Open Applications and Documents
    Launch Applications or access recent documents with the power of abbreviations.
  • Clipboard History
    Use Clipboard History to access recently copied items.
  • ClipMerge
    Combine subsequent copy operations into a single clipboard object by pressing ⌘C twice.
  • Music browsing and playback control
    Browse your Music Library, find your favorite songs, and enjoy your most beloved music.
  • Send To
    Open a file in any application, copy it to another folder, or send it to a contact. With Send To, you have countless possibilities to use each item.
  • Instant Send
    The most efficient way to send files or text selections to LaunchBar and then hand them over to applications, folders, email contacts, search templates, services, and more.
  • Instant Open
    Open items even more quickly. Hold down the abbreviation character last entered, and the selected item opens immediately.
  • Scriptable Actions
    Extend LaunchBar's functionality by writing your actions. Supports JavaScript, AppleScript, Ruby, Python, PHP, and several other scripting languages.
  • Invoke items from the Services menu.
    No more searching for the needle in the haystack. Let LaunchBar find the Service you are looking for!
  • Web Searches
    Searching the web has never been easier. Choose your favorite web service, enter your query, and see the result instantly with live feedback or in your web browser.
  • Calculator
    From simple numeric calculations to complex scientific expressions – type your calculations and get the result immediately with live feedback.
  • Info Browsing
    View additional information about specific items without interrupting your workflow.
  • Access package contents
    Navigate into packages to view their contents or show a folder's invisible files.
  • File Operations
    Manipulate your files efficiently from the keyboard. Move, rename, compress, assign tags, create folders, and more.
  • Themes
    You now have the choice between several beautifully handcrafted themes.
  • Browsing
    Navigate folders, contacts, bookmarks, recent items, libraries, and more using the arrow keys to reveal related information.
  • Calendar and Reminders
    Create calendar events and reminders in seconds. Now, live feedback provides details about the event to be created.
  • Contacts
    Enjoy convenient access to your contacts to create new email messages and quickly retrieve phone numbers, postal addresses, and other contact details.
  • Web Bookmarks and History
    Get instant access to all of your web browser's bookmarks, bookmark folders, and history.

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • macOS 10.14.4 or higher
  • 64-bit CPU


LaunchBar is a versatile productivity tool for macOS that can drastically improve workflow efficiency. It's a must-have for power users who want to get the most out of their Macs. LaunchBar is there to make your life easier, whether you're launching apps, searching for files, or automating tasks.


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