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Free download Supremo for MacOS Latest offline Installer - A powerful and versatile remote desktop application.


Free Download Supremo: Latest standalone offline installer for macOS. It is an all-in-one and multi-platform solution for your remote assistance.

Overview of Supremo for macOS

In remote desktop software, efficiency, security, and ease of use are paramount. Supremo for macOS, a robust remote desktop application, stands out as a powerful tool for seamless remote. 

It is a complete and powerful utility for remote access and support over the internet. With Supremo, you can remotely control any computer without changing any firewall/router settings, combining an extremely easy setup with one of the highest security levels available.

Features of Supremo for macOS

  • Unattended Access: Just a few clicks to install it and gain smooth access to unattended computers or servers; file Transfer: Secure and reliable remote file transfer to share files and folders between computers during remote sessions
  • Online Address Book: Instantly check if contacts are online or offline without having to connect and get access to their device
  • Contacts Sharing: Share contacts with your partners to collaborate online and enhance remote assistance service
  • Customize: You will be able to configure a custom interface with your brand or logo to distribute to your customers
  • Auto-Update: If you always want to take advantage of the latest features, activate the auto-update of clients running on your devices
  • Chat: Live chat tool to run during remote desktop connection. Initiate chat with your customers to optimize assistance and improve workflow
  • Remote Printing: Work on a document stored in a remote device and easily print to your local printer. Just need to enable this feature on the remote device
  • Online Reports: Collect, view, filter, and export information related to outgoing connections. It's crucial to manage and improve billing accuracy
  • Support Queue: Enable the Support Queue and receive support requests from your customers
  • Automatic Mass Deployment: Configure and remotely install SupRemo automatically and en masse on all devices in your network
  • Connections Monitoring: Check all incoming and outgoing connections of the devices connected to your account
  • Advanced Custom Configuration: Create one or more customized SupRemo clients with advanced features and with your desired settings
  • License Usage Control: Check the usage of your license in real time, watching the ID of devices that are using your license
  • Remote Device Management: View remotely all the information related to your devices at any time and in real-time, and check their health status
  • Device Health Check: Define the monitoring policies for your devices and set the health status assessment parameters to get personalized notifications

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • macOS 10.12 - 10.15
  • macOS 11.0 - 13.0


1. How secure is Supremo for remote connections?
Supremo employs end-to-end encryption to secure your remote sessions. It uses the highest security standards, making it safe for sensitive tasks.

2. Can I use Supremo for personal and business purposes?
Yes, Supremo is versatile and suitable for both personal and business use. The licensing options cater to different needs.

3. What is the maximum number of remote computers I can connect to using Supremo?
The number of remote computers you can connect to depends on your subscription. Paid plans offer more extensive access compared to the free version.


Supremo is a powerful and versatile remote desktop application that simplifies remote access and enhances productivity. Its robust features, user-friendly interface, and strong security measures make it an excellent choice for personal and professional use. So, whether you need to assist a family member with computer issues or manage a network of remote servers, Supremo has you covered.


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