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Free download Mumble for MacOS Latest Offline Installer - An open Source, Low Latency, High-Quality Voice Chat.


Free Download Mumble is the latest standalone offline installer for macOS. It is a free, open-source, low latency, high-quality voice chat application.

Overview of Mumble for macOS

It was the first VoIP application to establish true low-latency voice communication over a decade ago. But low-latency and gaming are not the only use cases it excels in.

Features of Mumble for macOS

Different user groups are interested in various capabilities, so we describe some of the features specific to each user.

For End-Users

  • Low-latency - great for talking and gaming
  • Stay private and secure
  • always encrypted communication
  • Public/private-key authentication by default
  • Recognize friends across servers
  • For gamers:
    In-game Overlay - see who is talking, FPS, and the current time
    Positional audio - hear the players from where they are located in-game
    Wizards to guide you through setup, like configuring your microphone

For Administrators

  • Libre software - no licensing hassle, caveats, and limitations
  • Open Source - open in security and technology and open to extendibility
  • Extensive user permission system (ACL)
  • Extendible through Ice protocols
  • Web interfaces - free choice of several community free software projects
  • Channel viewers - even without direct Ice access, if the hoster provides the CVP, easily set up your channel viewer of choice
  • Authenticators - to allow users to authenticate against an existing user database
  • Custom chat commands and context (right-click) menu entries

For Hosters

  • Free software - no licensing hassle or cost
  • Automatable administration through Ice middleware
  • Low resource cost for hosting
  • Very stable server software
  • Free choice between official and third-party server software
  • Custom web-interfaces for users through Ice
  • Or host one of the available free software web interfaces
  • Provide users with channel viewer data (CVP) without giving control away
  • Or empower the users by providing the Ice interface

Technical Details and System Requirements

macOS 10.9 or later


Q: How do I set up a server on Mumble?
A: Setting up a server on Mumble is straightforward. Download the Mumble server software, configure your settings, and invite users to join.

Q: Can I use Mumble for business meetings?
A: Yes, Mumble can be used for business meetings and collaboration. It offers secure communication features ideal for professional environments.

Q: Is Mumble available on mobile devices?
A: While there isn't an official Mumble app for mobile devices, third-party apps may offer compatibility with Mumble servers.


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