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Free download Mochi Desktop for MacOS Latest Offline Installer - Take notes and make flashcards using markdown.


Free Download Mochi Desktop, the latest standalone offline installer for macOS. It is a tool to help you learn and remember things.

Overview of Mochi Desktop for macOS

You can easily create flashcards, quizzes, and study guides tailored to your unique learning style. It leverages the scientifically proven spaced repetition method to help you retain information more effectively. Strategically timing the review of material ensures that you remember what you learn for the long term. It comes with batteries with many features to make creating and reviewing cards as simple and easy as possible.

Features of Mochi Desktop for macOS

  • Spaced Repetition
    It uses a spaced repetition algorithm to maximize retention and minimize study time. Learn more about spaced repetition.
  • Offline firstOffline first
    It is offline first. That means you can use it without ever signing up. All of your data is stored locally first before it's synced to the cloud.
  • markdown enabledMarkdown Enabled
    Quickly jot down notes and cards at the speed of markdown. Formatting controls and shortcuts are also there if you need them.
  • Two-way references
    Linking between cards is a powerful way to build a network of related information. When you add a link to another card, that card automatically adds a reference to the linking card.
  • Attachments
    You can embed media into your notes or cards, like images, audio, and video, by dragging them onto the editor.
  • Tags
    Use tags to group related cards and ideas. Then, you can filter and search by tags to review only cards with those specific tags.
  • Drawing
    Add a canvas to your cards to practice writing or drawing your answers.
  • Diagram cards
    Block off parts of an image like a diagram or map to test your visual memory.
  • Import from Anki
    Leverage the thousands of Anki decks available online, or import your own.

Technical Details and System Requirements

macOS 11.0 or later


Q: How does it determine the timing of review sessions?
A: It uses algorithms based on spaced repetition theory to schedule review sessions at optimal intervals.

Q: Can I import existing flashcard decks?
A: It supports importing decks from Anki, making it easy to transition to our platform.

Q: Is It suitable for all subjects?
A: Absolutely! Whether studying math, science, languages, or anything else, this tool can help you master the material.

Q: Can I track my progress?
A: It provides detailed insights into your learning progress, helping you stay on track toward your goals.


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