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Free download Microsoft To Do for MacOS Latest Offline Installer - The Ultimate To-do List and Task Management App.


Free Download Microsoft To Do latest standalone offline installer for macOS. It stays organized and manages your day-to-day. Collaborate effortlessly, manage tasks comprehensively, and enjoy a user-friendly interface. Real user testimonials highlight its superiority. Enhance your daily activities with this versatile and efficient application."

Overview of Microsoft To Do for macOS

It is a task management app that goes beyond the ordinary. Explicitly designed for MacOS, it seamlessly integrates into the Apple ecosystem, providing users with a smooth and intuitive experience. Whether you're a seasoned Mac user or new to the platform, ‎It offers a user-friendly interface and a robust set of features to enhance productivity.

Creating and managing tasks becomes a breeze. The App allows you to organize your to-do list, set due dates, and prioritize tasks based on their importance. It syncs effortlessly across your Apple devices, ensuring you can access your tasks wherever you go.

The App's simplicity is its strength. The clean design and intuitive layout make it easy for users to navigate and create a personalized task management system. Whether you're a student, professional, or anyone in between, ‎It adapts to your needs, helping you stay organized in the way that suits you best.

Features of Microsoft To Do for macOS

Stay Organized with My Day and Suggestions
It revolutionizes task management with innovative features, including My Day and Suggestions. My day is your personalized daily planner that helps you focus on what matters most. It suggests tasks based on priorities, ensuring you accomplish your goals efficiently. Whether grocery lists or housecleaning routines, It makes daily tasks simple and manageable.

Cross-Device Accessibility
One of the key advantages is its seamless synchronization across devices. Access your lists and tasks anywhere, on any Windows device. The App ensures you never miss an important reminder or task, allowing you to stay on top of your commitments effortlessly.

Intelligent Task Recommendations
It goes beyond basic list creation by providing intelligent suggestions. These suggestions recommend tasks from various lists that may be relevant to your day. This smart feature enhances efficiency by ensuring you don't overlook essential tasks across different lists.

Microsoft 365 Integration
The integration with Microsoft 365 adds a layer of convenience and security to your task management. Sync your tasks between Outlook and To-Do effortlessly. It lets you capture tasks from different Microsoft apps and services, from flagging emails in Outlook to importing lists from Cortana. Your tasks and lists are securely hosted on the Microsoft 365 service, ensuring reliability and data security.

Customizable Features for a Personal Touch
Make your lists unique and visually appealing with its customizable features. Add emojis to express yourself, choose colorful themes, and toggle between light and dark modes for a personalized experience. The App enables you to tailor your task management environment to suit your preferences.

Collaborate with Ease
Stay connected and collaborate with friends and family by sharing lists. Coordinate activities effortlessly by sharing tasks with colleagues and classmates. Its collaborative features make it a versatile tool for personal and professional use.

Comprehensive Task Management
It is not just a basic to-do list app; it's a comprehensive task management tool. Create color-coded lists for easy identification, set one-time or recurring due dates and reminders, and break down complex tasks into manageable steps. The App even allows you to attach files up to 25 MB to any task, providing a centralized location for all your task-related information.

User-Friendly Interface
The user-friendly interface of this App sets it apart from the competition. The App's intuitive design ensures a smooth user experience, making task management a breeze. Easily navigate through different features and functionalities, making It accessible to users of all skill levels.

Technical Details and System Requirements

macOS 10.15 or later


With its array of features, seamless syncing, and user-friendly interface, it caters to the diverse needs of Mac users across the globe. Whether you're a meticulous planner or prefer a more spontaneous approach to tasks, ‎It adapts to your style, helping you stay organized and on top of your to-do list.


Q: Can I use ‎It without an internet connection?
A: Yes, It allows offline access to your tasks. Any changes made while offline will sync once you're back online.

Q: How secure is ‎it to use?
A: ‎IT prioritizes user security and employs robust encryption measures to protect your task data.

Q: Can I import tasks from other task management apps?
A:  ‎It supports importing tasks from various formats, making the transition from other apps seamless.


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