ManyTricks Leech 3.2

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Free download ManyTricks Leech for MacOS Latest full version - A Turbocharge download manager.


Free download of Manytricks Leech's full version standalone offline installer for macOS. It is a lightweight yet powerful download manager that offers accelerated downloads, bandwidth limiting, scheduled downloads, and file sorting for a more efficient downloading experience. 

Overview of Manytricks Leech for macOS

It gives you complete control over your downloads and full browser integration. It offers accelerated download speeds, bandwidth control to prioritize other online activities, conveniently scheduled downloads, and automatic file sorting for a tidy download folder. It allows users to pause and resume downloads anytime. Despite its powerful features, it remains lightweight and efficient, making it an essential tool for optimizing your downloading process.

Features of Manytricks Leech for macOS

  • Accelerated Downloads: It speeds up downloads, making the process faster and more efficient.
  • Bandwidth Limiting: Users can limit the bandwidth downloads use, ensuring other online activities are unaffected.
  • Scheduled Downloads: It allows users to schedule downloads for convenient times, such as during off-peak hours.
  • File Sorting: Incoming downloaded files can be automatically sorted based on predefined rules, keeping the download folder organized.
  • Integration: It integrates seamlessly, providing a native and user-friendly experience.
  • Resume Downloads: Users can pause and resume downloads anytime without losing progress.
  • Browser Independence: It works independently of web browsers, allowing users to close their browsers without interrupting downloads.

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • macOS 10.11 and later


Q: Can I schedule downloads with it?
A: Yes, it allows you to schedule downloads for specific times.

Q: Does it consume a lot of system resources?
A: It is lightweight and does not consume excessive system resources.

Q: Can I pause and resume downloads with it?
A: Yes, you can pause and resume downloads at any time using it.

Q: Does it integrate with web browsers?
A: No, it works independently of web browsers, providing more control over downloads.


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