macOS Sonoma 14.4 ( 23E214) Hackintosh

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Free download macOS Sonoma Hachintosh for MacOS Latest full version - An additional level of power and beauty for macOS.


Free Download macOS Sonoma Hachintosh full version standalone offline installer. Elevate your presence on video calls. Access information in all-new ways. Boost gaming performance. And discover even more ways to personalize your Mac.

Overview of macOS Sonoma Hachintosh

The successor to macOS Monterey is the latest iteration of Apple's operating system. Running macOS Sonoma on a Hackintosh is a popular project among enthusiasts who want to experience the macOS environment without investing in Apple hardware. It introduced several new features and improvements, making it an attractive option for those considering a Hackintosh project.

Iso file for installation on virtual machines (installation on a Mac and a hack from a flash drive is possible).
Tried it on VMware Player 17.0.1
Additionally, it added to the distribution

  • Unlocker for Player
  • Fresh VMWare Tools ISO

Features of macOS Sonoma Hachintosh

  • Desktop widgets
    MacOS Ventura lets you configure widgets that display when you activate the Notification Center. In macOS Sonoma, you can view these on the Desktop of your Mac at all times. You can also set widgets to fade in the background so they're not distracting. But it gets better. If you have an iPhone nearby or on the same Wi-Fi network, you can also use widgets configured on your iPhone. This gives you access to many more widgets and information on your Mac.
  • Safari profiles
    If you use your Mac for both work and personal activities, it can be unclear when all your bookmarks, favorites, and extensions are mixed up. Safari profiles allow you to create separate profiles for different activities. You can have one for work and one for leisure, or, if you're a freelancer, have one profile for each client. Profiles can also be activated with Focus modes, so you can switch automatically when you enable a Focus.
  • Safari web apps
    When you work with Safari, you often have multiple tabs or windows open, and it can be hard to keep track of them. Sometimes, it could be great to have a web browser for just one website that you use frequently. You could launch the browser for that site when you need it and quit it when you're finished, so you don't have too many tabs hanging around. New in macOS Sonoma is the ability to create web apps in Safari. When visiting a website you want to use regularly, click the share button, then choose Add to Dock. Safari saves this as a mini-application and puts it in the dock.
  • Password and passkey sharing
    Passwords are generally personal, but you may share some accounts with friends, family, or co-workers. A new password and passkey sharing feature lets you share credentials with others. You create a group and choose which passwords to share. If the passwords are updated, others in the group get the updates via their iCloud Keychain. You can also remove passwords or users from the group at any time.
  • New screen savers
    While screen savers are not essential to computing and are no longer needed with modern screens, they can add attractive images or whimsy to your computer. A whole range of new slow-motion screen savers – similar to what the Apple TV uses – is included in macOS Sonoma, and when you log into your Mac, they become the desktop picture. There are landscape, cityscape, underwater, and earth categories.
  • New video conferencing features
    Video conferencing is increasingly common, and new features in macOS Sonoma enhance FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, and other apps. Presenter Overlay lets you show yourself and your shared screen to give a presentation to others. You can be in front of your shared screen or a circle floating over the screen. And new reactions – such as thumbs up, hearts, and more – add confetti, balloons, or hearts to the screen. This will be fun for about five minutes.
  • Enhanced private browsing
    Many people use private browsing in Safari to ensure that they are not tracked or fingerprinted by websites and to keep their browsing confidential. Cookies and history are not stored when you use private browsing, and when you finish a session, caches and other files are deleted. In addition to adding more robust protection during private browsing sessions, Safari will lock remote browsing windows when you step away from your Mac.
  • Better autocorrect and predictive text
    Autocorrect has long been iffy. Improvements to autocorrect will allow you to type any ducking thing you want, and corrected words are temporarily underlined so you can spot the changes and revert to what you organized with a click if the correction was wrong. Inline predictive text will make it easier to type: if the word in gray is what you want to order, press the space bar to have it autocomplete.
  • Game Mode
    When playing games, you want your CPU and GPU to be fully utilized by the game. The new Game Mode reduces background task usage and improves latency with controllers and headphones for better responsiveness.
  • Improved dictation
    You can dictate and type simultaneously on iOS and iPadOS, and Apple is now bringing this feature to the Mac. Since dictation is never perfect, you can make corrections as you proceed. Using dictation will streamline composing text; if not, you should try it out.

Technical Details and System Requirements

  • Intel Coffee Lake 8th generation or later
  • iMac19.1 or later
  • iMacPro1.1
  • MacBookAir8.1 or later
  • MacBookPro15.1 or later
  • MacPro7.1
  • Macmini8.1

Previous version

Additional info
File Name:macOS Sonoma 14.3 (23D56) Multilingual
Version:14.3 (23D56)
File Name:macOS Sonoma 14.2 (23C64) Multilingual
Version:14.2 (23C64)
File Name:macOS Sonoma 14.1 (23B74)
Version:14.1 (23B74)


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