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Free download lwouis AltTab for MacOS Latest Offline Installer - Windows alt-tab on macOS.


Free Download lwouis AltTab, the latest standalone offline installer for macOS. It seamlessly integrates Windows' "alt-tab" window switcher, enhancing multitasking and navigation for a more efficient user experience.

Overview of lwouis AltTab for macOS

It emerges as a transformative application, delivering the coveted efficiency of Windows' renowned "alt-tab" window switcher. This seamless integration allows users to navigate and switch between open applications effortlessly, significantly enhancing multitasking capabilities.

It replicates the familiar functionality and introduces various customizable features, creating a personalized and streamlined workflow for users and ultimately elevating the overall user experience.

Features of lwouis AltTab for macOS

  • Switch focus to any window
  • Minimize, close, fullscreen any window
  • Hide, quit any app
  • Customize AltTab appearance (e.g., show app badges, Space numbers, increase icon, thumbnail, title size, etc.)
  • Custom trigger shortcuts with almost any key
  • Blocklist apps you don't want to list or trigger AltTab from
  • Dark Mode
  • Drag-and-drop things on top of window thumbnails
  • Right-to-left languages and UI
  • Accessibility: VoiceOver, sticky keys, reduced transparency, etc

Technical Details and System Requirements

macOS 10.14 (Mojave) or later


It brings the much-desired Windows-style "alt-tab" functionality, revolutionizing how users navigate and manage open applications. With many customizable features, seamless integration, and a user-friendly interface, it enhances workflow efficiency and overall user experience. Embrace the power of efficient multitasking and elevate your experience to new heights.


Q: Can I customize the appearance of the interface?
A: Absolutely! It allows users to customize the appearance, behavior, and shortcuts according to their preferences.

Q: Can I turn it off temporarily if needed?
A: Certainly. It offers the flexibility to turn off the application temporarily, allowing users to revert to the native macOS application switcher when desired.

Q: Does it support multiple desktops in Mission Control?
A: Absolutely. It seamlessly integrates with Mission Control, supporting the efficient navigation of applications across multiple desktops and enhancing overall workspace organization.

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File Name:AltTab-6.69.0.zip
File Name:AltTab-6.68.0.zip


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